Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyll Companion Guide

This guide talks about how to recruit Wyll as a companion in BG3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Wyll cover

Wyll is one of the ten companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is known as one of the heroes of the Sword Coast, but he is hiding a secret. He has made a deal with the devil, and in looking for a way to get out of this pact, he finds himself in a conundrum. Read ahead as we talk more about Wyll and how to recruit him as a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3: How to recruit Wyll

To recruit Wyll, you will need to head to the Druid Grove and help the grove fight off the goblins that attack it. Inside the grove, go to The Hollow where you will find the training grounds. You can then talk to Wyll who you connect with through the parasite. You can invite him to join your party and he agrees on one condition that you help get rid of the goblins to make the roads safe for the tieflings.

In case you managed to recruit Karlach before even talking to Wyll once, Wyll will visit your camp one night, hostile against Karlach. You can then try to reason with Wyll that Karlach is not an enemy, but an ally. If you’re successful, Karlach will then ask Wyll if he wants to become allies, to which you can agree.

Alternatively, you can opt to kill Karlach during this confrontation and Wyll will still offer himself to join your party.

BG3: Wyll Companion Quest – The Blade of Frontiers

The Blade of Frontiers is Wyll’s companion quest. This quest can be started by talking to Wyll and inviting him to the party, and it will have different starting points depending on if you have already encountered Karlach, killed her, or added her to the party.

Hunt down Karlach

If you haven’t met Karlach yet, Wyll will point you over to the Risen Road where you will meet a group of paladins who have been gravely injured. You will then meet Anders, one of the paladins, who asks for your help in hunting down a devil. Follow the trail of blood as it will lead you an injured Karlach. From here, you can then decide to help Karlach and invite her to the party, or kill her instead.

Regardless of your decision and after the following encounters, you can talk to Wyll at the camp where he appears to still be bothered about something.

Meet Mizora

During one of your camps while traveling with Wyll, you will meet Mizora who is Wyll’s patron and the devil who is the source of his powers. He will then either reward or punish Wyll depending on whether you let Karlach live or die. If Karlach is killed, Mizora will reward Wyll with the Infernal Robe. If Karlach is left to live, then Wyll will be punished by turning him into a devil.

Rescue Zariel’s asset from Moonrise Towers

Mizora will appear in front of your party once again, but as an astral projection. She then asks for your help to rescue one of Zariel’s assets that has been trapped in the Moonrise Towers.

Progress through the story until you confront Ketheric Thorm and he escapes down into the tower. Once you jump down into the depths of the Mind Flayer Colony, you will see the marked location of where the asset is. Make your way to the marked area where you will see mind flayer pods. One of them contains Mizora who is the asset that you need to rescue. You can then inspect the control panel to find other options, or destroy the panel and release Mizora from the pod.

If you choose to inspect the panels, you will see that they say “annihilate” or “unleash”. Choosing unleash will free Mizora, while choosing annihilate will kill Mizora and will also drag Wyll to Avernus as per his contract.

Once Mizora is out, you can then tell her to do the end of her deal and sever Wyll’s pact with her, however she will hold up the clause that Wyll will be a free man after six months. Alternatively, you can persuade her to give you a reward instead. If successful, she will give you the Infernal Rapier.

As you progress further and see Gortash’s ordination, you will see Mizora again. She will talk to you at camp and propose another pact to Wyll. Wyll could keep his pact with Mizora and she will reveal the location of Wyll’s father, or he could break their pact which would doom his father to die. Choosing to keep the pact will make Mizora reveal the location, allowing you to rescue Wyll’s father.

Rescue Ravengard from Gortash’s secret prison

Progress through the story and follow the objective to reach Ravenguard. If Wyll hasn’t accepted keeping the path until now, you may find Ravengard dead. If so, Mizora will appear once again, offering to revive Ravengard in exchange of keeping the pact. If you choose to keep the pact, Wyll and his father would get to talk back at camp, otherwise you will have to go through a different objective to retrieve a key quest item.

Keep the pact

Back at the camp, talk to Ravengard and go through the dialogues. You will need to convince Ravengard that Wyll’s choices were made all for the sake of protecting Baldur’s Gate. Once he is convinced, he will talk about awakening the wyrm named Ansur. He will also give you The Legend of Ansur book.

Break the pact

Breaking the pact will set Wyll free, but his father will remain dead or remain under Gortash’s command. Once you get back to camp, you will then be ambushed by men who accuses Wyll of killing Ravengard. Defeat all of them and check their possessions to find The Legend of Ansur book.

**Depending on how far you are in retrieving the netherstones, you can still break the pact and save Ravengard, but it will just be harder to find him at first as you won’t get the objectives that will point his location. You simply have to go to the Flymm Dock Warehouse where you will find a basement door that will lead to where Ravengard and other people are kept as prisoners.

Find the way to Ansur

After reading the book, you will learn about the Wyrmway which leads to the location where Ansur resides. Make your way through the Dragon’s Sanctum where you will find Ansur’s corpse. Ansur’s spirit will then connect with you and try to possess your mind. Try to fight it and the Emperor will appear. Ansur will then reveal that the Emperor was Balduran all along and that Balduran was the one who killed him years ago.

You can try and convince Ansur, but he will not yield. You will then have to fight Ansur as he resurrects. Once he’s dead once again, you can loot his body to get the Balduran’s Giantslayer legendary sword.

Return to Ravengard

Head back to camp and talk to Ravengard to tell him about what happened to Ansur. Ravengard will then give Wyll the option to take his place and become the Duke or let him decide which role he wants to pursue. Choosing any of the options will complete the quest.

BG3: Wyll Personality and Preferences

Wyll has a heroic personality and you gain his approval just by going for options which would involve helping others or doing good deeds. Following his companion quest and supporting his decisions would grant you much of his approval, although this would also put you at a path of losing companions such as Karlach. Despite this, it is still possible to go for a romantic relationship with Wyll just by gaining enough affection with him.

BG3: Wyll Stats

Wyll is a Warlock with an Folk Hero background. He is a Human-turned-devil which gives him the Civil Militia and Human Versitility traits. He has the following base stats:

  • Str: 8
  • Dex: 13
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 13
  • Wis: 10
  • Cha: 17
  • Initiative: +1