New Leaked Image of Possible WB Montreal Batman Game Cinematic Trailer Suggests Coming to PS5

Batman Arkham Knight

A leaked image has recently surfaced in one of the dark corners of the internet and it highly suggests that this is from a possible WB Montreal Batman Game Cinematic trailer. It also suggests the platforms it will launch on.

The image suggests that it came from a cinematic trailer for the possibly upcoming game. The logo itself is very familiar for the fans of the Batman series, which would be the Batman Beyond logo. It also has the caption “Capture The Knight.”

The leak also features the PS5 and PS4 logos, which highly suggests that Sony Interactive Entertainment will be the ones getting this game first and could even show up at the upcoming PS5 Reveal Event happening in a few hours. The company did market the Batman Arkham games in the past, so there’s that.

The interesting part of the image capture is how it was done, which was off-screen. This means someone has been watching it on a video player. This increases the chances that this is legitimate and could have not been photoshopped easily.

Still, we should not right away believe this fully and take it with a grain of salt. Unless Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment officially confirms this leak, that is.

Source: Reddit via PSU