Batman ‘Teaser Site’ Unlocks New Image with More Clues Coming

Batman Arkham Knight

Yesterday, WB Games Montreal revealed a teaser clip of what could possibly be the next Batman game. It lead to a mysterious website and now it is unlocked.

The mystery website just opened up tonight with an input box asking for the code to unlock the secret. It looks like this:

Now to get the code, you need to go to the Twitter account of the same name, which you can see here:

Fans should enter 761 as the code and then press enter. It will verify the numbers and once it completes it, you can now download an image file, which looks like this:

Gotham City map?

Does that look familiar to you guys? It looks like the map of Gotham City, which Sirus Games members tell me that that tall building there is Wayne Tower and the bridge over yonder is the Gotham Bridge. There is a marker on a certain area, which could lead to a clue. One of our resident writers suggest that people should boot up Batman: Arkham Knight to find this.

Three more clues will be revealed in the next three days. Good luck guys.

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