Battlefield 2042: What we know so far

Battlefield 2042 release date, crossplay details, Portal, and game modes.

Electronic Arts and DICE are back again with its massive scale first-person shooter franchise, Battlefield, this year. Players this time will drop in the year 2042 where the weaponry isn’t entirely futuristic but a lot more modern than today. And what’s even more entertaining? Real-time disasters — tornadoes and more — and the game can withstand 128 players fighting simultaneously in one match. Battlefield 2042 is going to be the largest entry of the franchise in history.

This time, players will get to experience a brand new class system that enables them to use a variety of gadgets at their disposal. To even make Battlefield 2042 feel like a new game, DICE has officially introduced Battlefield Portal to encourage the community to create matches with their own rules.

Battlefield 2042 Release Date

EA sets the release date of Battlefield 2042 on October 22, 2021 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The PC version will be available on Origin, Epic Game Store, and Steam digital storefronts.

The Battlefield 2042 release date is set in stone.

In a new update, EA has announced that the release date will be shifted to November 19, 2021. The team revealed that developing the game during pandemic has created “unforeseen challenges” for them. They want the extra time in order to deliver their vision of Battlefield 2042 to the players.

Will there be a Battlefield 2042 Open Beta?

In the delay announcement that EA released, the team revealed that there will be an Open Beta coming soon. More updates about this test later this month, September 2021. Rumor has it though that it will be on September 22, 2021, but EA has not officially confirmed this yet.

How much will Battlefield 2042 cost?

Battlefield 2042 will be priced at $59.99/£59.99 on previous-gen consoles: the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions will cost $69.99/£69.99. For PC, it will be priced at $49.99/£49.99.

The Gold Edition will be priced higher (for PC, $89.99/£79.99, consoles: $99.99/£89.99) as players will be able to access the game early, a battle pass, and cross-gen cosmetic bundles.

Then lastly, the Ultimate Edition will cost $109.99/£99.99 on PC and $119.99/£109.99 on consoles. This will include a digital artbook, soundtrack, and a Midnight Ultimate bundle.

Will Battlefield 2042 have crossplay support?

Yes, Battlefield 2042 crossplay support is confirmed, including cross-progression, meaning you can bring your profile’s progression to any of the platforms you’re playing on.

Players playing on PC can play with console players and vice-versa.

However, if you are playing Battlefield 2042 on PS4 and Xbox One, it won’t be possible to enable crossplay with PS5/Xbox Series X|S and PC due to the limited player size that the previous generation can only support.

Unlike PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, the PS4 and Xbox One will only be able to support 64-player battles due to hardware limitations.

Battlefield Portal Details

Battlefield Portal is Ripple Effect Studio’s brand new community-based mode that gives players the chance to make their own rules in a Battlefield match.

In Battlefield Portal, players will be able to use a powerful creation suite that includes Settings, custom modes, and a Logic Editor. This will allow the players to not only create, but share and discover unexpected battles filled with the weapons, vehicles, equipment, and more, set in the locations from Battlefield 2042, and iconic, fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.

Here are the classic maps:

  • Battle Of The Bulge (Battlefield 1942) 
  • El Alamein (Battlefield 1942) 
  • Arica Harbor (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) 
  • Valparaiso  (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) 
  • Caspian Border (Battlefield 3) 
  • Noshahr Canals (Battlefield 3) 

And the weapons:

  • 40+ Weapons from 3 Theaters of War 
  • M1 Garand, Panzerschreck, G3, M416 and more 
  • Plus the inclusion of Battlefield 2042’s All-Out Warfare Arsenal 

The vehicles:

  • 40+ Vehicles from 3 Theaters of War 
  • The Spitfire and B17 Bomber make their return alongside modern hardware such as the Quad Bike and Little Bird 
  • Plus the inclusion of Battlefield 2042’s All-Out Warfare array of vehicles

Some juicy gadgets players can use:

  • 30+ Gadgets from 3 Theaters of War 
  • Reconnaissance items such as the MAV and Radio Beacon will be available as gadget selections alongside the Defibrillator and EOD Bot 
  • Plus the inclusion of Battlefield 2042’s Gadgets 

Armies from previous Battlefield games:

  • Classic Factions will be making their return in Battlefield Portal as you remember them, allowing you the ability to mix and match between 7 different armies from the Classic titles as well as Battlefield 2042’s Specialists. 
  • Armies such as 1942’s UK, US, and Germany as well as Bad Company 2’s US and Russia will feature exclusively in Battlefield Portal. 

What are the Battlefield 2042 modes?

Battlefield 2042 modes will now focus more on multiplayer as DICE ditches a single-player campaign or story mode. The studio puts more emphasis that Battlefield is a multiplayer game. But if you’re looking for a battle royale mode, DICE isn’t thinking of adding one any time soon.

All-Out Warfare features the classic and most popular modes of the franchise: Conquest and Breakthrough. This time, the game features the largest map ever that will support 128-players filled with dynamic weather, dangerous environmental hazards, and spectacular world events.

Hazard Zone is an all-new, high-stakes, squad-based game-type for the Battlefield franchise that is a modern take on the multiplayer experience that is distinctly DICE but very different from All-Out Warfare’s Conquest or Breakthrough modes.

Battlefield 2042 Official Partners

  • The Official Battlefield 2042 PC Graphics Platform Partner – NVIDIA: EA and DICE’s partnership with NVIDIA will ensure PC players have the ultimate experience powered by next-gen GeForce RTX gaming technologies, the AI-powered performance boost of NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex’s low latency mode.
  • The Official Battlefield 2042 PC Peripherals Partner – Logitech: EA and Logitech will work together to ensure players have Logitech integration for their gear, including Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC technology for peripherals and in-game audio presets with optimized EQ for Logitech headsets.
  • The Official Battlefield 2042 Off-Road Vehicle Partner – Polaris: EA and Polaris have partnered to bring players the opportunity to operate authentic Polaris vehicles in Battlefield 2042, starting with the Polaris Sportsman ATV.
  • The Official Battlefield 2042 Gaming Storage Partner – WD_BLACK™: EA and Western Digital’s WD_BLACK brand are committed to ensuring Battlefield 2042 gamers have the best possible gaming experience for its vast new world of immersive and realistic maps, and dynamic game play.

Can I watch the Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer?

Definitely! Check it out below: