Battlefield Portal Confirmed to Have Persistent Bans

No more trolls and unruly players for a long while.

Game Designer Rob Donovan recently confirmed in an interview with media outlet The Loadout that upcoming game mode Battlefield Portal will have persistent bans.

In previous Battlefield titles, banning players in custom games was not possible at all. They can be removed by admins if they troll their team mates or did not follow the rules, but the bans would only last until the server is online. After that, that troll is back again to make trouble on other custom games. It is a sad cycle of mischief, angry players, and dissatisfaction.

In Battlefield 2042, this will now chance and this time in Portal, persistent player bans will be coming. During playtests, EA’s Player Council shared this idea of server admins have no need to routinely re-ban players after a server restart.

“There weren’t as many big changes as I expected, but there were a lot of small changes,” shared Donovan. “There were a lot of specific pain points that the community relayed to us and we felt it was early enough to course correct.”

“We know that in past community games, you would ban someone, then the server goes down, and you’d have to ban them all over again,” he continued. “So we were able to reconfigure our banned list [for Portal] to be on the player themselves. So now, if you ban someone, they’re banned.

“No matter if you put up a server tomorrow or weeks from now, they won’t be able to enter your server unless you choose to unban them at a later date.”

This is something to look forward to for those who are excited for Battlefield Portal since persistent bans will definitely change things up. Battlefield 2042 launches on October 22, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Interview source: The Loadout