Battlefield V Gears Up For One Last Content Update

Battlefield V

Game developer DICE recently announced that there will be a last content update for first person shooter Battlefield V.

Battlefield V preparing for one last hurrah

DICE has officially confirmed that with the upcoming content update for the video game, it will now draw to a close. This means no more new content for the game and they will be moving on with a new project. This final content will come after Into the Jungle chapter will end on April 29. The last content update is targeted to launch this coming June. It will introduce new content, weapons, and game tweaks.

The developers did confirm that they are having difficulties in developing the content update since all of them are working from home right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  They are facing these tough challenges, but it seems they are making steady progress.

Check out what DICE will be implementing soon:

  • New Content: A new update will be released this summer.
  • Weekly Rewards: Following the summer update, you’ll receive Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as Weekly Rewards, giving you a chance to unlock gear you may have missed.
  • Events and Activities: We’re also planning various weekly initiatives such as the reintroduction of #FridayNightBattlefield servers, where the community can play Battlefield V in a friendly atmosphere. Throwback Thursdays, where we’ll look to bring you together across all of our Battlefield titles are in the works, too.
  • We are continuing our work on Community Games Updates. We are committed to bringing these to the game and we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect them to start coming online.

The developers’ anti-cheat team is also working hard on making the gaming experience of their players free of cheaters as much as possible. They did not divulge the details of what they were going to do, but they are assuring the gaming community they are fighting hard for them.

Battlefield V is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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