Bayonetta 3 Release Date Finally Confirmed

Bayonetta is back and ready for another adventure!

PlatinumGames and Nintendo have finally revealed the Bayonetta 3 release date.

Bayonetta 3 Release Date Unveiled

After a long silence from PlatinumGames, out of nowhere, they finally revealed the official release date of upcoming video game Bayonetta 3. The sexiest witch with guns from four limbs is finally going to make her presence known again and this time it will be a grand entrance. She will be coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

The Gang is Back with New Friends!

This time around, the whole gang is back with Bayonetta, Luka Redgrave, best friend Jeanne, all-powerful demon Rodin, and even Enzo is here. There are also new characters seen in the trailer like this new witch with a steam punk outfit, a very pale white guy in a tank that seems to be vital in the plot, and this new teenage girl with a very large katana, Viola. She seems to be somewhat related to Luka and perhaps Bayonetta. Maybe… their future love child?

Summon Demons With Ease

Bayonetta is also seen here effortlessly summoning her favorite demons to her side like Madamme Styx, a very large spider, and many more. Also, their enemies are not from Paradiso and Inferno. They are homunculi and are intent on defeating the whole gang.

It’s going to be one helluva ride again.

Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28, 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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