Bayonetta 3 Video Focuses on Demon Masquerade Mechanic

Learn how to dance with the Demon Masquerade!

A new Bayonetta 3 video revealed the use of the new game mechanic Demon Masquerade and how it benefits the sexy heroine.

Bayonetta 3 Video Demon Masquerade Feature

The newest video by media outlet Game Informer focuses on how Bayonetta uses her new “toys” in battle, the Demon Masquerade technique. While the previous game mechanics are still there, like using various weapons, guns, and torture devices, a new gameplay mechanic makes Bayonetta 3 appealing and unique. This is the new Demon Masquerade feature.

bayonetta 3 video madama butterfly  battle

Demon Masquerade Advantage

Bayonetta uses the Demon Masquerade to unleash the powers of the great demons from the weapons that she acquires throughout the game. She could unleash a foot of Madama Butterfly in the middle of the battle, unleashing powerful attacks while connecting them with combos. Before Bayonetta would summon them to finish off her enemies but this time around she can summon them anytime on the battlefield.

Demon Masquerade Plus Beast Within

Aside from summoning a part of the infernal demon’s body, Bayonetta can also combine with said weapons as part of her Beast Within ability. Before, she could transform into a panther, crow, and bat. In Bayonetta 3, she has new transformations with the help of her weapons and demons like her combination with Madama Butterfly or her demonic form with another weapon. It gives her unique abilities that can overcome obstacles like high platforms that could not be reached normally, walls that are hard to break, and so forth.

Buy with Embryos

There is also a new type of in-game currency that can be collected in this game called Embryos, which are dropped by Homunculi. They can be used to unlock new abilities, weapons, lollipops, and more. Rings and other previous currencies are still there but unlock specific types of items.

Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28, 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.