Best Hogwarts Legacy Talents

All the best Talents to use in Hogwarts Legacy

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Talents is a unique feature in Hogwarts Legacy. This offers players the chance to tailor their gaming experience in a way that benefits their spellcasting and other skills. Most role-playing games make this system look complicated and confusing, but players of Hogwarts Legacy need only know that not all talents may be learned bit by bit, and that every talent can be learned by a single character. Read ahead as we walk you through the best talents you should learn in the game.

Best Talents to Use in Hogwarts Legacy

With only 50 talents to choose from and only 36 talents to spend by max level 40, picking the right talents is going to be important to get the best out of their character. Below are all the best talents that can be learned:

Best Spell Talents

  • Level 5:
    • Incendio Mastery: Adds an Area of Effect
    • Accio Mastery: Hits multiple targets
    • Levioso Mastery: Hits multiple targets
    • Depulso Mastery: Hits multiple targets
    • Confringo Mastery: Extra projectiles
  • Level 16:
    • Bombardo Mastery: Hits multiple targets
    • Glacius Mastery: Extra projectiles
  • Level 22:
    • Transformation Mastery: Transformation transforms the target into an Explosive object that can be thrown

At reaching level 5, players should choose Levioso Mastery and Confringo Mastery as they are both strong spells and are cast very often. If players want to be aggressive, they should choose Incendio MateryAccio Mastery, and Depulso Mastery as they are all better suited for Close-Range Combat

Upon reaching level 16, players should choose Bombardo Mastery as it can deal a large amount of damage and the effect will separate enemies greatly. If players want an alternative choice, Glacius Mastery is a good talent to increase damage to multiple targets.

Getting Transformation Mastery at level 22 is important as it can be used to provide a powerful explosive object that can be thrown for high amounts of damage that hits multiple targets.

Best Dark Arts Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Best Dark Arts Talents

  • Level 5:
    • Disarming Curse: Expelliarmus inflicts a curse
    • Stunning Curse: Stupefy inflicts a curse
    • Blood Curse: Outgoing damage hits all cursed targets
  • Level 16:
    • Crucio Mastery: Crucio inflicts Multiple Targets
    • Imperio Mastery: Mind Controlled targets inflict curses
    • Enduring Curse: Extends curse duration
  • Level 22:
    • Avada Kedavra Mastery: Kills all cursed targets
    • Curse Sapper: Killing cursed targets restores HP

When utilizing the Dark Arts, Blood Curse is one of the most important spells to learn at level 5. Using Stunning Curse and Disarming Curse are also good choices as they can be used to make enemies feel a certain amount of damage while they are vulnerable.

Enduring Curse, a talent that can be learned at Level 16 is very important to deal a ton of damage to many enemies when combined with the Blood Curse. Choosing Crucio Mastery and Imperio Mastery are also good choices if players plan to use the Unforgivable Curses.

Best Core Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Best Core Talents

  • Level 5:
    • Basic Cast Mastery: Basic Casts causes spells to recharge faster
    • Protego Absorption: Blocking with Protego builds Ancient Meter
    • Spell Knowledge 1: Additional Spell Set
    • Spell Knowledge 2: Additional Spell Set
  • Level 16:
    • Basic Cast Airborne Absorption: Hitting Airborne targets with Basic Cast builds Ancient Meter
    • Protego Expertise: Perfectly timed Protego blocks damage enemies
  • Level 22:
    • Protego Mastery: A Perfectly timed Protego breaks enemy shields and damages

Basic Cast Mastery is one of the best spells to get first as it allows more powerful spells to be cast more often. Choosing also Protego Absorption is a powerful spell as it is at the same level as Ancient Spells. If players want to learn every spell in the game, choosing all the Spell Knowledge Talents will give players a better way to access spells learned without pausing the game.

At level 16, Basic Cast Airborne Absorption and Evasion Absorption are good choices for building up the gauge of the Acintent Meter. When reaching level 22, those who have chosen the Protego Mastery will be the perfect opportunity to build one’s defense as it can be used not only to counter-attack enemies but also to break their defenses as well.

Best Stealth Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Stealth Talents

  • Level 22:
    • Petrificus Totalus Mastery: Petrificus Totalus hits multiple targets

Learning Petrificus Totalus Mastery is a powerful talent in the Stealth category. It is a top must-have talent and if players are not into stealth, they can ignore the rest of the talents for stealth.

Best Room of Requirement Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Room of Requirement Talents

  • Level 5:
    • Edurus Potion Potency: Invincible and deflects attacks
  • Level 16:
    • Maxima Potion Potency: Further increases damage and breaks shields

The Room of Requirement talents is a bit hard to use as it will take a lot of time to master them. Players will need to keep their consumables and items in check as one’s inventory will be required to master these talents. But if I were to choose, Edurus Potion and Maxima Potion are very good potions and their corresponding talents are a welcome addition.

And that’s our best talent to choose from in Hogwarts Legacy. Hope you guys enjoy this guide and if you do, please check out our other Hogwarts Legacy-related guides.