Best Krieger RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Optimize your suppression power with the best Exoprimal Krieger build.

Krieger’s entirety in Exoprimal can be summed up as the “heavy-weapons guy” with the occasion shield bubble thrown to remind everyone that he, in fact, is a tank. But one look at his twin mini-guns and shoulder rocket pods and you know, he is but an Assault suit that can generate the occasional bubble shield.

In this article, we will talk about your options to help you customize your Exosuit so that it can perform at its best, no matter what your suit and pilot rank are at the moment. Do keep in mind that there are no wrong ways to build out your Exo, it’s just that some modules are objectively better than others.

Best Krieger RIGs - Exoprimal Krieger Build Guide

Best Krieger RIGs

Rigs are optional pieces of equipment that are meant to give Exos a leg up in certain situations. The best Krieger rig isn’t as simple as throwing on a shield for extra protection. It’ll depend entirely on what he needs during the heat of battle. Usually, it’s going to be long-range support and constant protection from any long-range enemies.


While the cannon is normally used to add a bump in an Exosuit’s crowd control capabilities, Krieger uses it to make up for one of his weaknesses: long-range combat. This is best used on dinos that attack from far away and enemy Exosuits that think they are safe from your miniguns.


Being the team’s resident bullet sponge, Krieger will spend most of the time trying to establish a kill zone while not making himself too easy a target to the opposing team. The Shield is sort of a last resort in case all your skills are on cooldown. This actually happens more often than you would expect. And as good as miniguns are, they don’t exactly perform under pressure.

Best Krieger Modules - Exoprimal Krieger Build Guide

Best Krieger Modules

Modules take up the bulk of your gameplay customization efforts in the game. Each of the three slots can be equipped with an upgrade that increases suit performance. They are sorted into different categories but they are split into two separate types.

  • General Modules: Modules that are unlocked through pilot experience.
  • Suit Modules: Modules specific to the Exosuit. Requires suit experience to level up.

Module 1 – K01 Rapid Shot

This module decreases the time it takes to reach max rate of fire. This translates to higher damage numbers and increases the odds of hitting distant targets. Or least to keep them suppressed. The only drawback to this is that you’ll have to be very active when reacting to approaching dangers. But take comfort in the fact that you’ll be doing more damage faster in whatever direction you’re looking at.

Module 2 – Electro Missile

The other half of Krieger’s offensive kit, the Stunlock Missile is invaluable in both PvP and PvE. The fact that it is homing makes enemy Exos think twice about going on the offensive. And with the Electro Missile, this opens up the possibility to take out a piece early in an engagement.

Module 3 – Thrust Dash+

So far we’ve been leaning more on Krieger’s offensive capabilities. Let’s now shift attention to his ability to quickly get out of trouble. But unlike Deadeye’s combat roll, you won’t be able to use it again so soon. You almost have to know when to zoom out of sight or when to roll with the punches.

Best Krieger General Module Options

This next set of modules is more of a suggestion. They can go into any of the three available slots and should be seen as ways to enhance your style of play. Do note that they will more or less take the place of a Suit module.

Impact Reduction Module

One of the earliest general modules players can get early in their careers, the Impact Reduction provides instant damage reduction from dinosaurs. This also comes with the added bonus of knockback reduction which is important for tanks trying to take control of a zone.

Hi-Xol Compression Module

Hands down, this module is one of the best in the game currently. It increases the charge rate of the Overdrive Gauge. For Krieger, that means that he can get Todesregen back faster after bombarding an area.

Reload Efficiency Module

This last module is critical to weapons that have long reload times. In this case, we’re talking about Krieger’s miniguns and missile pods. The base reload speed isn’t too egregious but anything that allows you to get back to the fighting soon is greatly appreciated.

How to Unlock Rigs and Modules in Exoprimal

Exoprimal has a fairly simple progression system. It is split between your Player rank and your Exosuit rank. Your player rank will always increase at the end of each match. However, due to the nature of the game, your Exosuit rank may take longer as you may be asked to fill in certain roles. This will not affect one-trick ponies but that’s another topic entirely.

To unlock more Rigs and General Modules, you’ll have to increase your pilot’s level. For Suit Modules, however, they will require you to increase that specific Exosuit’s level.

Other than that, you’ll need to spend BikCoin aka the game’s currency to upgrade each and every one of them to Level 5. We highly recommend you upgrade to Level 5 as quickly as possible.

How to Customize Krieger in Exoprimal

Customization is relatively straightforward in Exoprimal. You have the Customization tab where you can change Krieger’s suit and weapon skins and even the application decals. These can all be acquired in-game through the battle pass, events, or in-game progression. If you’re looking to change up your Exosuit to fit your playstyle, give the Rigs and Modules tab a visit.

The tanks in Exoprimal are as unique as the Exosuits themselves. They aren’t like other classes where you can build around them based on class attributes. There is a tank that is purely made for defense. Another is a frontliner that prefers fights to be up close and personal. And then there’s Krieger. The slowest and most armored Assault suit posing as a tank.

From my experience, Krieger is the most fun tank Exprimal has to offer. And this is a sentiment shared by many if we’re merely looking at how frequently he appears in matches. He isn’t as sturdy as Roadblock or as high potential as Murasame but you know what you’re getting by choosing him. And more likely than not, you can use him as a stepping stone to the other tanks in the game.

If you are yet to pick which Exosuit you want to play as, check out the other Exoprimal Classes: All Exosuits and their Variants, and compare how each fare based on our Exoprimal Tier List: All Exosuits Ranked, to know which among the Exosuits are the best to use against PvP and PvE in Exoprimal.

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