Exoprimal Classes: All Exosuits and Their Variants

Exoprimal Classes Exosuits cover image

You have to pick which one of the Exoprimal classes you want to play as. Each class has their own exosuits, which are your primary defense against the dinosaur threat. In this online team-based action game, you’ll have to choose the class and Exosuit best suited to your playstyle.

Exoprimal offers 10 unique Exosuits from each of the three classes, which have their own strengths and weaknesses. Coordinate with your team and play to your class’ strengths in order to triumph against the horde of dinosaurs. Read on as we show you how each class works in Exoprimal and their Exosuit variants.

Exoprimal Assault Class

The Assault class focuses on dealing damage to dinosaurs in different ranges. The exact loadouts between Exosuit variants of this class differ, with each suit being equipped to take on enemies with weapons and abilities that fit their effective combat range.

Due to how versatile the options in Exosuits are, the Assault class is the best class in Exoprimal when it comes to fighting against dinosaurs. They’re the class you turn to when you push forward against the odds.

Assault Class Exosuit Variants List:

  • Barrage a: Rocket Hop
  • Deadeye a: Burst Fire
  • Zephyr a: Energy Chakram
  • Vigilant a: Marksman

Barrage (Assault Class Exosuit)

Barrage (Assault Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Barrage Exosuit can set enemies alight with fire up close while blasting foes with explosion from further away. This Assault class Exosuit is meant for those who want carnage and destroying enemies in large groups. With grenades and incendiary rounds, it’s one of the best in PVE thanks to clearing out crowds in a heartbeat.

Its Barrage a: Rocket Hop variant gives this Exosuit a grenade launcher which can be charged to deal more damage and increased explosion radius. You can even use the force from the rocket blast to jump high in the air and attack enemies from above.

Deadeye (Assault Class Exosuit)

Deadeye (Assault Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Deadeye Exosuit is one of the best options for players seeking a well-rounded Exosuit to fight in, being capable of fighting at almost any range. This Exosuit specializes in medium-to-long-range fights with its low-recoil assault rifle. At close range, the Deadeye can keep enemies away with a powerful palm strike to knock them back.

With the Deadeye a: Burst Fire variant, it’ll come equipped with a shotgun that has a short-range spread. When aiming down the sights, it can alternate to a five-shot burst fire. This transforms it into an Exosuit that can fight at any range.

Vigilant (Assault Class Exosuit)

Vigilant (Assault Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

Long-range fighters will find a home in the Vigilant Exosuit. Out of all the Assault class Exosuits, it has the most potential to deal damage at range. This is the Exosuit for snipers and marksmen who prefer to fight at a distance, safe from attacks against closed-ranged dinosaurs. It’ll take a bit of strategic thinking to use Vigilant to its fullest potential. You don’t want to face enemies up close, so using the environment to find a good vantage point is a must.

The Vigilant a: Marksman variant gives this Exosuit a semi-automatic rifle that deals single-fire projectiles. Out of every few shots, one will deal significantly higher damage, allowing for a bigger damage output. This variant of the Vigilant also has better maneuvering, allowing it to escape and evade enemies easier.

Zephyr (Assault Class Exosuit)

Zephyr (Assault Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Zephyr Exosuit is for players who prefer a close-ranged option, an aggressive Exosuit that excels in melee encounters. With high maneuverability and low armor stats, it can take some skill to master Zephyr, as you’ll need to be confident in avoiding damage while engaging enemies up close. Those who aren’t capable of hit-and-run tactics may find themselves quickly in trouble.

The Zephyr a: Energy Chakram variant gives this Exosuit some offensive capabilities at range. Shooting energy halos from the chakram on its arm, Zephyr can damage foes from a good range with increased attack power, so long as you maintain the distance.

Exoprimal Tank Class

The Tank class specializes in keeping their allies alive by drawing aggression from enemy hordes and taking damage with their high armor. This class will always be your first line of defense and shielding the rest of the team from enemy attacks.

Tank Class Exosuit Variants List:

  • Krieger a: Charge Shotgun
  • Murasame a: Frost Glaive
  • Roadblock a: Fortress Shield

Krieger (Tank Class Exosuit)

Krieger (Tank Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Krieger Exosuit is packed with formidable suppressive firepower coming from its minigun, it is the one you want if you want to barrage enemies with nonstop gunfire. It’s quite a bit slow but makes up for it with high armor that ensures its own survival. You’ll find yourself mowing down hordes of dinosaurs with Krieger high suppressive gunfire.

Its Krieger a: Charge Shotgun variant has a chargeable shotgun which offers wide-ranged scatter fire and compressed fire options. You can send smaller dinosaurs flying with a compressed shot and they’ll damage other dinosaurs they land on.

Murasame (Tank Class Exosuit)

Murasame (Tank Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Murasame Exosuit is a melee focused tank with a large blade to its namesake which cuts down enemies with a wide swing. While it doesn’t have as much speed as Zephyr, it has high armor to compensate thanks to it being part of the Tank class. This Exosuit is meant for being up front and taking on enemies in melee combat.

Its Murasame a: Frost Glaive variant comes with a counterattack that leaves enemies freezing. Guard enemy attacks to accumulate energy and then unleash a ground-wave attack that freezes foes, leaving them open to attacks.

Roadblock (Tank Class Exosuit)

Roadblock (Tank Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Roadblock Exosuit is notable for the giant shield it carries which can be used to protect your team. This Tank class Exosuit is one of the best at frontline defense if you’re looking to defend your more squishy teammates. Thanks to its high armor rating, the Roadblock is one of the toughest Exosuits you can get your hands on.

Its Roadblock a: Fortress Shield variant gives more utility to its energy shields which can be placed down with a mounted shotgun that fires buckshot in waves. Draw enemies away from your teammates by using the shield on this variant’s arm before bursting to take down enemies.

Exoprimal Support Class

The Support class in Exoprimal has the most varied abilities that are meant to keep their team functioning at their best. This class is the pillar everyone leans on as they have the most common ability to repair other Exosuits on the verge of death. With a range of buffing and debuffing abilities, the Support class can control the tides of battle.

Support Class Exosuit Variants List:

  • Nimbus a: Double Barrel
  • Skywave a: Thunder Clap
  • WitchDoctor a: Duality Beam

Nimbus (Support Class Exosuit)

Nimbus (Support Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Nimbus Exosuit finds a balance between being offensive and repairing allies without sacrificing either. It can switch between two firing modes that alternate between damage and healing. Its high mobility allows it to maneuver around quickly and get out of trouble when in danger.

Its Nimbus a: Double Barrel variant gives this Exosuit two shotguns which also switch between damaging enemies and healing allies. The projectiles fired from the shotguns have a big spread and you’ll see some high damage when firing them up close.

Skywave (Support Class Exosuit)

Skywave (Support Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

The Skywave Exosuit is the only Exosuit that can fly, it has a unique advantage that others don’t have. Its specialty is debuffing enemies by slowing them down. This buys time for their team to mow down the horde before it approaches which can be a crucial strategy to winning.

Its Skywave a: Thunderclap variant is even more powerful, being able to summon lightning from above that can paralyze dinosaurs. This lightning bolt can even be charged to deal more damage allowing you to either debuff foes or put them down.

Witchdoctor (Support Class Exosuit)

Witch Doctor (Support Class Exosuit) - Exoprimal

When low on health, the Witchdoctor Exosuit is the one your turn to. This Exosuit specializes in repairing and buffing their allies. Its ability to quickly jump around the battlefield to repair allies and give them a boost in speed makes the Witch Doctor one of the best Support Exosuits around.

Its Witch Doctor a: Duality Beam variant gives this Exosuit the ability to fire beams which can repair allies at range or deal damage to enemies. Continuously hitting the same target increases the healing and damage effect.

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