Best New World PvP Builds Players Can Follow

Here are the best ones to try out and most of them are close-combat builds.

The newly released massive multiplayer online role-playing game New World has a very robust PvP system that makes it really interesting as you progress through it. This game offers different ways to do PvP like Siege and Outpost Rush, which make it quite different than other MMORPGs out there.

Currently, new players are now looking for New World PvP builds to use in-game so that they can at least become competent while playing. Here are some of the best ones that are suggested right now.

New World Best PvP Weapons to Use

Since there have been players who were able to try out the Closed and Open Beta tests, they have revealed a few chosen weapons to use for PvP. Each has their own plus points, but also have their downsides to watch out for. The weapons will be the basis for the PvP builds to choose from.

There are four weapons that are best for PvP, which are the Great Axe, Rapier, Hatchet, and Fire Staff. These are proven to be deadly in PvP fights and while ranged weapons could get the better advantage, the Beta tests have proven that players love to do PvP battles up close and personal.

New World Rapier Build

The Rapier weapon is for those who love mobility and also does damage moderately. If you are into a character class close to a dual-wield swordsman, thief, or an assassin that focuses more on agility, then the Rapier build is for you. The best active skills to use are Riposte, Evade, and Tondo, but there are also others like Finish and Fleche. There are many ways to make a build focusing on the Rapier.

The weapon you can pair with the Rapier would be the Bow. With the agility of the Rapier and the ranged damage of the Bow, you can be unstoppable during PvP. It is the fastest duelist PvP build to watch out for.

There are four skills to master with the Rapier. Since it is all about evasion, dodging, and hitting the enemy with the most painful attacks, here are the skills you should build on:

  1. Evade – Use this active ability to make your character “dance” in the battlefield. You can easily skip away from trouble especially when you get overwhelmed. This saves you a lot in a pinch and also it gives you a movement speed buff from the Allegro passive.
  2. Tondo – This is an active skill that applies bleed damage on your enemies. It stacks up to three times and pair this up with the “And Again” passive skill to increase the damage against a single target.
  3. Heavy Puncture – A passive skill that offers extra hits against the target with bleed and it also extends the effect for a longer time. Do you want to torture your enemies by negating their standard heals? This is for you.
  4. Riposte – A defensive active skill that makes you go on a defensive pose. When attacked, it automatically stuns the target. Best for those who are aggressively targeting you recklessly without any plans. This will stop them on their feet and let you deal more damage than they anticipate.

New World Hatchet Build

While the Rapier is the fastest weapon to use, the Hatchet is the most reliable and most versatile one in PvP battles. Even after it had tons of changes during the closed and open betas, it still stands as one of the most popular weapons to use.

The Hatchet has the movement speed buff of the Berserk ability, which is the most sought out one right now. This allows players to walk around faster across the map and also the other damage buffs it offers. It also pairs well with ranged weapons.

Aside from the speed buff, the Hatchet build also has health regen. This is the best build for solo-leveling and completing quests. It can also become a good weapon to use during PvP, but a standard one-versus-one melee fight might not be the best weapon to use especially against a War Hammer or a Great Axe.

The Hatchet scales with strength, surprisingly, and that is the primary. The secondary is Dexterity, which is again, surprising. The two of them should be swapped, but maybe the developers have other plans for it. This is also very suitable for those wearing a more mobile armor like light and heavy ones. There are tank and support healer builds that use the Hatchet though with heavy armor. The buffs are really helpful and the support needs the defense.

New World

There are three Hatchet abilities to master. While they are quite helpful in PvP battles, they also have their downsides. They are actually sort of double-sword techniques that if done poorly, it will bite you back. Here are the abilities to master:

  1. Berserk – This is the most important ability to master for the Hatchet build. The Berserk tree offers sustainability, movement speed buffs, and crowd control effect reduction. Get the One the Hunt passive first since it increases movement speed by 20 percent, which is a big plus in battles. Also get the Berserking Refresh passive for health regen, another big plus.
  2. Feral Rush – This is a very powerful active ability, but must be used sparingly. Only do this ability when the enemy cannot move quite well either slowed down or stunned. If done properly, it will deal a lot of damage and if upgraded with the Crippling Strikes passive, it will root the enemy on the spot.
  3. Raging Torrent – Raging Torrent stacks damage and grants haste after successfully landing hits. A very useful ability in PvP battles. It pairs well with the Light Attack passive.

There is a separate ability to learn if you are mastering the Hatchet for throwing. Here are the best abilities.

  1. Rending Throw – It increases the damage when the opponent gets hit and it will stack with other debuffs. This the best follow-up for the Infected Throw.
  2. Infected Throw – Just like the Bow’s poison shot, the Infected Throw hits an enemy with a debuff. Its final perk the Aerial Transmission will do an Area of Effect (AoE) poison cloud. This is the best weapon against PvP and PvE.
  3. Social Distancing – No, not the real-life thing we do these days, but the ability that the Hatchet build uses in order to create space between your character and the enemy. This also gives your character a movement speed buff.

Use the Hatchet with a Bow or a Great Axe. Bow for using the Hatchet as a full melee weapon, while a Great Axe for the Hatchet as a thrown weapon.

New World Great Axe Build

Many newcomers of New World are thinking that the Great Axe is a slow weapon to use especially in PvP. This is where they are wrong. While it is true that it is a slow weapon, it deals massive damage on enemies and has a charge ability that offers a bit of mobility that you will need during combat. It can either close the gap between you and your opponent or escape from a compromising position.

With the Great Axe, players are suggested to wear either heavy or light armor for the Great Axe build. With heavy armor, it can provide large amounts of defense and damage reduction, while light armor allows some mobility, evasion, and lightens up the load. Good for those who want to deal large amounts of damage but also want mobility.

There are three abilities that are suggested to be mastered with the Great Axe build, which are the Charge, Reap and Execute. These are all ideal for PvP battles as they give the upper hand against opponents.

  1. Charge – Charge is the most important ability to master first as it gives you the mobility you need in PvP. It either closes the gap between you and the opponent, or lets you escape if you need to heal up.
  2. Reap – The ability used to inflict a lot of damage, but it is also for sustainability. Use the passive ability Hunger to heal up.
  3. Execute – Execute is the one you use to finish it all up. One hit causes 200 percent weapon damage on an opponent, a good way to end it all. You might want to save this up first for opponents who are trying to escape the battle with low health.

The Great Axe can be paired up with a couple of weapons that will double the massive beatdown it is already giving. You can use a Sword for your build focused more on lots of HP and defense. Sword has defender perks that further increases the defenses of the Great Axe build. The War Hammer is another weapon good for pairing up with the Great Axe. If you want to focus all on offense, then this is the weapon to use as a pair-up and also the best one for PvE battles.

For a more mixed-up combination, use the Hatchet as a weapon for the pair up. Rending Throw does wonders for the Great Axe build and it gives you a bit of advantage ahead of the melee.

New World Fire Staff Build

The Fire Staff build offers the biggest and heaviest DPS in the game, but the problem is you need to work it out first before you try this build. This is designed to give you the easiest headstart in PvP battles, but also you are vulnerable.

The Fire Staff build must be paired with another weapon in order for it to be formidable. Either pair it up with the Ice Gauntlet or the Rapier. Here are some builds you can follow with these two weapons in tow.

Fire Staff and Rapier Combo

The Fire Staff and Rapier combination are one of the best pair-ups for the Fire Staff build. This is excellent for single-target and one-on-one duels.

The Rapier will need to have Riposte, Evade, and Fleche or Tondo for abilities. Riposte makes your enemy get stuck in one position for a short time, Evade gives you the mobility boost you need, Fleche improves on the agility while Tondo tops it all off with a bleed effect. Combine all abilities and you have yourself a powerful Fire Staff build.

Here are the abilities you should master with the Fire Staff build:

  1. Pillar of Fire, Fireball, and Burnout – All three active skills are needed for massive DPS. Pillar of Fire does not need any aiming, just fire it up and it hits a small area. Fireball deals damage and on third tier, it reduces the cooldown. Perfect for chipping away the enemy HP. Burn Out is the best way to mess with your enemies by giving you the ability to do a flame-walk. It damages them when they get hit by it.
  2. Singe is an important passive ability to master, which creates a burning effect after hitting a critical hit. Spellslinger is the best pair up for Singe since it offers higher chance of hitting with critical damange, and Prophet of a Fire God for adding more critical damage.

Fire Staff and Ice Gauntled Combo

Another weapon to pair up with the Fire Staff is the Ice Gauntlet. It is the best combination of weapons for PvE and large-scale PvP battles. They go so well together.

For the Ice Gauntlet, you will need Entombed since it freezes you inside a tower of ice that you can destroy of course. The perk for this is it quickly speeds up mana regeneration, a perfect advantage for a spellcaster. This can keep you in the fight for longer with more spells to barrage your enemies. This also separates you from your enemies when you get surrounded. When you need your spells to cool down, this is the ability to fire up.

Here are the abilities to master with this combination:

  1. Pillar of Fire – Pillar of Fire is the best spell to use during single-target PvP battles with specific area to cast on. It can replaced with Fireball for PvE battles.
  2. Flame Thrower and Incinerate – Flame Thrower offers massive DPS and Incinerate furthers that down.
  3. Cauterize Wounds with Incinerate – Best to use for sustainability and the combination of health regen on damage dealt.

These are the top PvP builds you can try out on New World. These are the best ones on the beta tests and hopefully still holds up on launch.

New World is now available on PC.