Bethesda Celebrates 25 Years of Fallout with Month-Long Event

Fallout 25th Anniversary Banner

Bethesda has announced today its plans to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Fallout series. The series debuted back in October 1997 and has since become a best-selling franchise that defined generations of PC role-playing games both past and present.

Fallout 25th Anniversary Month-Long Celebration

For each week of October, Bethesda is going to announce a line of the week’s activities. These can include sales and giveaways to special features and community content.

Fallout 76 Free Play Week

Fallout 76 is going to have a Free Play Week starting from October 04 to October 11. Explore post-nuclear Appalachia and now, with the recent Expeditions update, The Pitt, and revisit the irradiated wastes of the city that was once Pittsburgh.

Prime Gaming and Xbox Game Pass Rewards

Until November 01, active Prime Gaming subscribers can pick up the base game for Fallout 76 for free on PC via Windows Store under Prime Gaming Rewards.

Free One Month Fallout First for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

Active Game Pas Ultimate subscribers can claim a free month of Fallout First via Xbox Game Pass Perks until October 24. Please note that this is for one person per account AND have not claimed a free month during previous events.

Introducing PALS

The Post-Apocalyptic Loyalty Simulator or P.A.L.S. for short is a new quest-ionnaire that is essentially a line of inquiry to help you find the faction that best suits you out there in the wasteland. There are 7 questions in total and at the end, it will tell you which faction suits you most. (Apparently, I’m most suited to the Cult of Mothman… all hail the Mothman?)

Fallout Shelter gets a new update

Bethesda is going to add new content to Fallout Shelter for the first time in over FOUR YEARS. Take on an alien threat in an all-new quest line featuring

  • New enemies
  • New weapons
  • New Dwellers to recruit
  • New Vault decorations with celebration room theme.

More updates coming soon.

Spooky Scorched In-Game Event

After the conclusion of the Invades From Beyond Seasonal Event, current Fallout 76 players can look forward to the Spooky Scorched In-Game Event coming in the 4th week of October. Go Trick or Treating around Appalachia to unlock cosmetic rewards. And careful around those Spooky Scorched, they pack a wallop.

And that’s it for the major events happening this month. Bethesda plans on making more announcements as the month goes on. Look out for more updates as they drop from the Fallout Bethesda website.

Source: Bethesda

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