Fallout 76 Players Can Get Free Fallout 1st Content for Limited Time Only

Freebies! Freebies everywhere!

To continue the celebration of the anniversary, players of Fallout 76 can get the Fallout 1st content for free but for a limited time.

The official Twitter account of the Fallout franchise has recently posted that players who will log into the game between now and October 17, 2022 can claim a free week of Fallout 1st. This is a pack which contains a lot of goodies including costume packs, unlocking the Survival Tent, Scrapbox, icons, emotes, and a lot more. This is a very hefty package to have in the game and Bethesda wants their players to celebrate with them.

While this might be not appealing for players who already have Fallout 1st, those who bought it have a benefit, which is time. New players will have to get the pack within five days or else they will miss their chance. It includes a lot of content that could give them a big boost in the game, which is the reason for its big appeal.

Fallout 76 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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