Beyond Good and Evil 2 Hires New Lead Writer

Development is still ongoing though.

beyond good and evil 2

Ubisoft has recently hired a new lead writer for the upcoming and most anticipated video game sequel Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been in the development oven for a long while now and many rumors have appeared online. There has been no indication that it will be released any time soon, but that does not mean work is not being done currently. There is now further proof that the dev team is still working on the game as they recently announced the acquisition of a new lead writer.

On her personal Twitter account, Sarah Arellano announced that she will be joining the Beyond Good and Evil 2 team and will be the new lead writer. She has worked on high-profile games before like being a narrative designer at Blizzard for World of Warcraft. She also worked on Volition’s Saints Row game. With lots of experience from great games, it seems her addition will hopefully improve and possibly shorten the development time of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

beyond godo and evil 2

Unfortunately, this new hire announcement does not mean that the game will have a small preview in the near future. It is still nowhere near complete that they could show off some gameplay, but at least they have already shown some CGI animation a few years ago.