How to Unlock and Use the Black Forge in Valheim

Steps on how to make and upgrade the Black Forge in Valheim

Valheim Black Forge cover

The Black Forge is one of the base structures in Valheim. It is an upgraded Forge that is used to craft high-tier gear and weapons using materials that are commonly found in the Mistlands. Making and owning one is necessary in order to make items to get a better chance of survival against the Mistland’s inhabitants.

Read ahead as we talk about the Black Forge in Valheim, how to unlock it, and what it can be used for.

Unlocking the Black Forge

Unlocking the Black Forge is as easy as reaching the Mistlands area, heading inside an Infested Mine, and picking up a Black Core. Afterwards, you need to gather the needed materials to construct one.

How to make and use the Black Forge

Crafting the Black Forge requires the following materials:

  • x10 Black Marble
  • x10 Yggdrasil Wood
  • x5 Black Core

These materials can be gathered within the Mistlands. Black Marble can be mined from destroying structures in the Mistlands. Yggdrasil Wood can be obtained from chopping down Yggdrasil Shoots. Black Cores can be found within Infested Mines.

To use the Black Forge, you must first craft and place it under a shelter with at least 70% coverage for it to work. Then you can simply interact with the Black Forge and craft the recipes from within it, provided that you have the necessary materials.

Upgrading the Black Forge

To upgrade the Forge, you will need to craft this additional structure around it:

  • Black forge cooler: x5 Iron, x5 Copper, x4 Black marble

Although you only need one more item to level up the Black Forge, it’s possible that more items will be added in future updates to raise its level higher. It is best to plan ahead and give some ample room around the forge for these upgrades.

Items made from the Black Forge

These are the items that can be made in the Black Forge:

  • Armor
    • Carapace breastplate
    • Carapace greaves
    • Carapace helmet
  • Weapon
    • Arbalest
    • Carapace spear
    • Demolisher
    • Himmin afl
    • Jotun bane
    • Krom
    • Mistwalker
    • Skoll and Hati
    • Spine snap
  • Shield
    • Carapace shield
    • Carapace buckler
  • Arrow
    • Carapace arrow
  • Bolt
    • Bone bolt
    • Blackmetal bolt
    • Carapace bolt
    • Iron bolt
  • Utility
    • Dvergr lantern

Check out this video by Stonely showing how to craft the Black Forge in Valheim: