Black Myth Wukong to Feature ‘Heavily’ at Gamescom 2023

Several machines will have the game playable at Gamescom 2023.

Black Myth Wu Kong

A new report claims that the highly anticipated Chinese-developed game Black Myth Wukong will be ‘heavily’ featured at the upcoming Gamescom 2023 event.

Black Myth Wukong at Gamescom 2023

According to the sources of Insider Gaming, the upcoming next-gen action RPG from Chinese Game Science Black Myth Wukong will be featured in the upcoming Gamescom 2023 event. They claim that there will be dozens of machines that will have the game installed and allow the attendees to get hands-on gaming with the title. Aside from that, it will be part of Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live’s announcements.

Possible Announcement at Event

The game was first revealed way back in 2020 and its big trailers were not that much. Lately, there have been no big announcements that reveal details of the game, but this supposedly upcoming big reveal might be the one to announce some big new information about the game, possibly the release date.


No official announcements from the game developers themselves, but with Gamescom 2023 getting near, it could be revealed soon. The game also does not have any platforms yet, but it is possible that it will launch on new gen consoles and PC.