Black Myth Wukong Release Date Officially Announced

It will not be a long wait anymore.

Game Science has recently teased the Black Myth Wukong release date in its new video.

Black Myth Wukong Video Celebrates Year of Rabbit

The newest clip is a stop-motion video made by Game Science to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. It interprets how long players would have to wait before they could purchase and play the game.

The video features a Rabbit humanoid who recently acquired the physical copy of Black Myth Wukong. He is quite happy with his purchase and quickly opens the package and pops in the installation disc on his PC rig. Unfortunately, disaster strikes as the PC rig that he owns is noticeably super out of date. After installing the game, it quickly malfunctions, and numerous warning signs appear after it pops up smoke.

black myth wukong release date
A perfect example of buy now pay the consequences later.

Desperate, the Rabbit opens up his “piggy” bank and quickly bought high-end PC parts and assembles it, revealing a top-end PC setup. He installs the game and easily sets it up, which then shows a new pop-up screen that has a timer on it. Ironically, the game that he desperately wanted to play is still a few years away.

After a few years, it is shown that two young Rabbits appear to be playing the game while the first Rabbit appears to be distraught and now in a wheelchair. He then sees the TV screen that showcases Black Myth Wukong gameplay with them playing. It then focuses on the calendar nearby saying 2024.

Black Myth Wukong Release Date

Game Science then confirms that the game will launch later in Summer 2024. It will be playable in the year of the dragon.

Black Myth Wukong launches in Summer 2024 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.