Black Myth: Wukong Continues to Impress Everyone with Unreal Engine 5 Upgrade

The gameplay video showcases new abilities, a hint of the real nature of our hero, and realistic snow.

After bedazzling everyone last year with its first eye-catching trailer, Chinese game developer Game Science once again drops a new gameplay video of upcoming action-adventure RPG Black Myth: Wukong promising fans new exciting developments.

Game Science continues to impress everyone with a new, 12-minute-long gameplay test video of their latest project. The most prominent change that comes with the latest trailer is the developer’s note that they have now upgraded to Epic’s Unreal Engine 5. The trailer is actually made by this game engine and running at 4K resolution with 60 FPS. It will also support Nvidia’s ray-tracing and DLSS technology, which will make it even more visually enticing than before.

With the Unreal Engine 5 game engine, it shows how realistic the visuals are now. While the previous videos of the title already amazed everyone with luscious environments and smooth gameplay speeds, the game engine upgrade is already paying off. Snow is very realistic in this game that almost duplicates how snow behaves in real life. There is a part of the video where a demon is struck by an apple and then it slowly comes alive. It shows how it parts apart when the clumsy yet dangerous being walks towards the protagonist.

The 12-minute video of Black Myth: Wukong showed some interesting tidbits that most fans might have missed. For instance, at the 2-minute mark, it seems the protagonist can actually kill his enemies in a silent, stealthy manner without engaging them in long combat. This clearly suggests that players can save a lot of time in completing certain areas without causing a big brawl. It might even keep the hero healthy for the battles ahead. When the monkey moves around, he leaves a trail of snow as well.

Speaking of heroes, the video is possibly saying that the monkey that the players will take control of is actually NOT Wukong himself. If the Chinese mythology is to be followed, this particular warrior primate is just a clone of the rebellious monkey born from a lock of hair from his head. Based from the clip, it seems his goal is to follow the footsteps of the legendary monkey god.

The fight against the bumbling warrior monkey that wields a sword showcased how the protagonist could avoid deadly contact. He can leave a shadow of himself, avoid the fatal hit, and slide to the side for a counterattack. It needs precise timing or else its health would go down drastically. He can also draw a ring of fire to protect himself from projectiles and other dangers. He can then safely drink from his gourd to restore some health points. Players will need to quick though because it seems the protective shield will wane fast if it gets hit or damaged enough.

The main highlight of the Black Myth: Wukong video is his fight against the silver dragon. The whole fight is on a lake frozen solid while the monkey struggles to land a hit on the mythical being. Instead of flames, this dragon breathes lightning bolts and can summon them to pierce the land and electrify its opponents. Luckily, the hero seems to be clever where he easily dodges the area of effect attack by just climbing on top of his staff. He knocks the flying lizard unconscious at the last moments of the heated battle with a big counterattack.

Game Science has not given any indication to share the official release date of Black Myth: Wukong again, but it would still be a welcome sight to watch more gameplay clips of this amazing game in the future. It was previously reported that this game will launched sometime in 2023.