Remnant 2: How to get Blackout Ring

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Locked rooms in Remnant’s 2 N’Erud are usually straightforward. If you see a room with a glowing red light on the door, chances are you’re supposed to look for the glyph that opens it. But that’s not the case for the locked room event that contains the Blackout Ring.

The Blackout Ring is an optional ring that can be found in different dungeons in N’Erud. The ring is often found at the end of a locked room event.

How to get Blackout Ring in Remnant 2?

The locked room event where the Blackout Ring is found lies in the middle of the following dungeons: the Vault of the Formless, Dark Conduit, and the Putrid Domain. The room is locked behind a red door that doesn’t appear to have an apparent way of opening it. You’ll need to think outside the box from the usual way of looking for a key.

The Blackout Ring is visible on the other side of this glass window. (As pictured above.) This is also a telltale sign that you’re on the right event. Opposite the red door, there’s usually going to be a dead-end corner with cylinders and containers randomly put there. The thing is, the placement is not random. They are there to hide the entrance to the vent above the locked room.

Rerouting Cable Ring

Shoot the containers to clear the way and then go into the maintenance vent. Climb up the ladder and you’ll find yourself in a space above the room. In one corner, you’ll find another ring called the Rerouting Cable. At the end of the space is a dropdown that brings you back to the entrance of the locked room. If the door is still locked when you get down, you’ve missed something.

To open the locked red door, you’ll need to shoot an electric cylinder from the space above. (Pictured here.) You’ll find the small hole just before the drop-down hole back to the entrance. Shoot the cylinder to cause a jolt of electric energy powerful enough to cause the door to open.

Once you get back from the space above, you’ll notice that the door is now open. Go through it and at the end of the room, lies the Blackout Ring on the ground. Pick it up to add to your collection.

Blackout Ring Details

After dealing 20% of the weapon’s magazine base damage, this ring will increase your weapon’s reload speed by 3%. Stacks 5 times. Cleared on reload.

This description is kind of confusing when you look at it. In layman’s terms, this ring increases reload speed the more you don’t miss shots. You lose potentially slight buffed reload if you keep missing. The effect is active as long as you don’t reload your weapon. The problem lies in the fact that at max stacks, it’s only a 15% reload speed increase. You’re going to need something around a 30%-50% increase to feel the effect on most guns.

Some players don’t know this but you’ll get all 5 stacks immediately if a land a shot with single-shot weapons like the Widowmaker, Sureshot, and the bows. Additionally, if you’re running a Summoner/Engineer build, your summons’ damage contributes to your weapon’s damage. In other words, you’ll still get the full benefit of the ring even if you keep missing shots as long as your summon deals damage.

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