Blizzard President Sends Email to Staff Members Regarding Allegations from Lawsuit

Brack feels that these are extremely troubling.

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The president of Blizzard has recently sent an email to all staff members last night and talked about the recent allegations that were revealed in lawsuit that was filed by the state of California.

Bloomberg Journalist Jason Schreier recently posted an image of an email that was sent by the Blizzard President J. Allen Brack to several employees on his personal Twitter account. It talked about the many allegations that the company is accused of and with that, a lawsuit was filed.

Brack shares his feelings about these accusations and finds them “extremely troubling” and are “completely unacceptable”. He lists several things about it like it is unacceptable for anyone in the company to face discrimination or harassment, they should feel safe working in it whether on campus, BlizzCon, or working from home, and also praised the ones who came forward to reveal these problems that they were facing.

The Blizzard president then stated that he and the leadership team will be meeting with several of the employees to answer questions and discuss how they can move forward from all of this. He also suggested that they should talk to any manager, HR partner, and more and even suggested to talk outside the company.

The gaming industry is currently shocked of this development and some are really angry of the revelations. No word yet on what happens next after this.