New PC and Console Blizzard Survival Game Being Developed

And they are looking for talents to fill the shoes.

After all the controversies that have happened to this company, it seems Blizzard has now come up with a new survival game for the PC and console.

A new post on the news section of the official Blizzard website was recently seen and it shows some rather interesting images of possibly the upcoming survival game. It also says that the game company, after getting bought by Microsoft, is now looking for people to help them out on developing this unannounced survival game. They specifically say that it will be a brand new game and will be on PC and console. New story, new mechanics, new concept, so this is quite an unknown for now.

Blizzard’s recruitment scheme is quite enticing though especially when you are being told that you can help “write the next chapter in Blizzard’s story.” Being part of its colorful history could be quite good on paper.

The game company is currently looking for several people in three major roles: Art, Design, and Engineering. They are looking for Technical Artists, VFX Artists, Level Designers, Software Engineers, and more.

We will keep you updated on the latest details once Blizzard shows more cards on this new game. For now, we wait.