Brooklyn Visions: Homecoming Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

This guide is a walkthrough for the Homecoming mission in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 BV Homecoming cover

The Homecoming mission is part of the Brooklyn Visions storyline in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Vijay’s plans of asking his boyfriend out isn’t going smoothly and he decides to ask the help of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

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After completing the BV Club Fair, the Homecoming mission will become available along with two other Brooklyn Visions missions. Keep in mind that all Brooklyn Visions missions are exclusive to Miles Morales and are tied to the Brooklyn Visions Academy.

How to start Homecoming - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Visions Homecoming Walkthrough

To start the Homecoming mission, head over to the Brooklyn Visions Academy and get to the upper balcony level to talk to Vijay.

Check up on the generator vendor

Generator Vendor route - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Visions Homecoming Walkthrough

After talking to Vijay and getting the address for the generator vendor, follow the marker to get to the place.

Take out the criminals to save the vendor

Saving the Generator vendor - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Visions Homecoming Walkthrough

Once you get to the lot, you will have to save the vendor from some criminals. You can take the stealthy route or engage with them directly. After clearing the enemies out, talk to the vendor about the generator.

Return to Vijay

Follow the marker to get back to Vijay to talk about his other plan.

Find a power source on the roof

BV building Power Source - Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Visions Homecoming Walkthrough

Climb on top of the BV building and use your scanner to find a low-voltage generator. Once found, use your charged punch to activate the generator.

Reroute power to Vijay’s setup

Use your webs to conduct electricity from one node to another. Follow the highlighted wiring to find where the next nodes are located. Once done, launch to the marked lamp post to hide.

Help Vijay with his master plan

Listen for Vijay’s cues to help him as Lucas goes through with the plan.

Once everything is complete and the plan is successful, you will be rewarded with 1,000 XP, x8 City Tokens, and x80 Tech Parts.

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