Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Visions Mission Guide

A complete guide for the entire Brooklyn Visions Mission in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Brooklyn Visions Mission cover

The Brooklyn Visions is a series of side story missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 where Miles helps out the students and faculty of the Brooklyn Visions Academy with sorting their problems.

There are four Brooklyn Visions Missions that can be completed around the campus, plus a special mission after completing all four. After completing the “Amends” main story mission, you’ll unlock the first Brooklyn Vision mission, with the other following missions becoming available as you progress the storyline.

All of the starting points for the missions are situated within the campus, while the missions’ objectives span across the nearby areas around the campus. Keep in mind that all Brooklyn Visions missions are exclusive to Miles Morales and are tied to the Brooklyn Visions Academy.

The Flame side story Missions Walkthroughs and Objectives

  • BV Club Fair
    • Meet with Ganke and Hailey
    • Find a way to get closer to the Principal and Officer
    • Find criminal hideout
    • Defeat criminals
    • Check warehouse for Ms. Ferguson / Find Ms. Ferguson
    • Defeat Reinforcements
    • Get Ms. Ferguson back to school
  • Homecoming
    • Check up on the generator vendor
    • Take out the criminals to save the vendor
    • Return to Vijay
    • Find a power source on the roof
    • Reroute power to Vijay’s setup
    • Help Vijay with his master plan
  • Senior Prank
    • Head to the first location
    • Solve the first puzzle
    • Head to the second location
    • Solve the second puzzle
    • Head to the third location
    • Solve the third puzzle
    • Get to Lance!
    • Save Lance
  • Lights, Camera, Action
    • Check the tall building down the street
    • Get a nice shot of the BVA campus
    • Get 2 more high vantage photos
    • Capture footage of students around campus
    • Follow the camera drone without landing

Completing all four missions listed above will unlock the A Gift mission which concludes the entire Brooklyn Visions storyline.

BV Club Fair

As everyone is preparing for their college admissions, Miles has to respond to a missing person’s report, especially that the person who is missing is one of his teachers.


  • 800 XP, x8 City Tokens, and x80 Tech Parts


Vijay’s plans of asking his boyfriend out isn’t going smoothly and he decides to ask the help of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


  • 1,000 XP, x8 City Tokens, and x80 Tech Parts

Senior Prank

Brooklyn Visions’ mascot, known as Lance, has been kidnapped and the students need Spider-Man’s help to decipher the codes and solve the puzzles to know where to find him.


  • 1,000 XP, x8 City Tokens, and x80 Tech Parts

Lights, Camera, Action

The students from the Drone Club need Miles’ help in recovering their crashed drone, as well as taking some nice aerial pictures of the Brooklyn Visions campus.

  • 1,000 XP, x8 City Tokens, and x80 Tech Parts

A Gift

After helping out with a lot of stuff in the campus, the students of Brooklyn Visions decided to give Spider-Man a thank you gift.

  • 1,200 XP, x15 City Tokens, and x160 Tech Parts
  • Boricua Suit