Bungie Holds ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ of Destiny Leaker

No word yet if Bungie is going to take action.

Destiny 2 Strider Quest cover

Bungie claims that it holds “irrefutable evidence” identifying the leaker that shared confidential information about upcoming Destiny content.

The new statement was posted on the official Twitter account of the Destiny 2 Team saying that it has now “reviewed irrefutable evidence, including video recordings, verified messages, and images demonstrating a pattern over time that confirm the same individual shared confidential information from Community Summits spanning multiple years.”

Bungie also said that it is quite disappointed that it has learned this information and wished that things could have gone differently with the leaker in question. The company is also confident of its decision and will be taking action.

The leak has been reported to come from Bungie’s regular creator summits. These individuals are top players of the game and sometimes members of the media to preview some of the upcoming features and content of the game.

Bungie has not named the leaker, but there are claims that it is the Destiny streamer Ekuegan who leaked confidential info in a Discord channel. Ekeugan spoke to Forbes in an interview claiming that Bungie thinks it is him, but he claims that he is totally innocent and is noisy on social media about it.