Call Of Duty Warzone Now Asks For SMS Verification On PC To Prevent Cheaters

Call of Duty Warzone

Game developer Infinity Ward has now implemented a new security feature for free-to-play video game Call of Duty Warzone on PC to prevent cheaters.

Call of Duty Warzone SMS verification

The new security implementation is the two-step SMS verification for its free-to-play players on PC. This is similar security feature that video game CounterStrike: GO also enforces to prevent cheaters or at least minimize them from entering.

Anyone who does not have the full version of the game, Modern Warfare, will have to get an active mobile number and tie it to their profile. Whenever they try to log in, they will get an SMS message that gives them a secret code that they must enter in order to play. Cheaters will have a harder time making another account because they will need to have another mobile number to play again if they get banned.

Warzone is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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