Cardfight Vanguard Dear Days DLC: Best BT06 Deck Builds

Learn what builds to make out of the 1st DLC content for Cardfight Vanguard DD


When a new booster set comes in card games, there are times that there will be builds and upgrades that can be made. Cardfight Vanguard Dear Days have received a new update as new DLC content known as BT06 has been added featuring new trial decks and cards. Read on, and this guide will let players try out some sample builds that they will find interesting.

BT06: Blazing Dragon Reborn

BT06: Blazing Dragon Reborn - Cardfight Vanguard Dear Days

Blazing Dragon Reborn is 6th booster set of Cardfight Vanguard Overdress format. It was released in Japan on August 5, 2022, and in the US on October 21, 2022. This set contains support for all nations except Lyrical Monasterio. Also, this set will introduce new supports for the Vairina archetype and introduce new ride lines that Vanguard players will enjoy.

There are a total of 4 builds that players can enjoy and try out in this new booster set. The archetypes are the following

  • Nirvana Jheva – unlock the new power of Vairina as a new overdress mechanic has been added known as XoverDress state. Combine the powers of Trickstar and a Prayer Dragon to evolve Vairina into a new form.
  • Youthberk – a new Keter Sanctuary build that uses their skill known as RevolDress. Use various forms of Youthberk and achieve victory
  • Bandmaster – Unleash the power of music as this build will concentrate power by using the power of all back-row rear guards to boost your Vanguard.
  • Galactic Hero – Using the order zone to scout units with Heroes in their name, unleash a huge power, and gain extra critical if the order zone has 3 or more Bases.

Best BT06 Builds

Vairina (A New Sun That Illuminates The Future)

The overDress deck undergoes some slight changes in its playstyle with this deck! Use one Trickstar and Prayer Dragon each to transform Vairina into the X-OverDress state!

  • Ride Deck
    • Chakrabarthi Phoenix Dragon, Nirvana Jheva
    • Snuggling Blaze Maiden Reiyu
    • Heart Pounding Blaze Maiden Rino
    • Surprise Egg
  • Main Deck
    • Chakrabarthi Phoenix Dragon, Nirvana Jheva (Grade 3) x3
    • Brilliant Equip Bram Vairina (Grade 3) x4
    • Jeweled Sword Equip Garou Vairina (Grade 2) x4
    • Sturdy Wall Equip Vils Vairina (Grade 2) x3
    • Sword Equip Dragon Galondight (Grade 2) x4
    • Flash Equip Dragon Bramahda (Grade 1) x4
    • Wall Equip Dragon Bilskil (Grade 1) x1
    • Trickstar (Grade 0) x3
    • Sparkle Rejector Dragon (Grade 1) x4
    • Burning Flail Dragon (Critical Trigger) x4
    • Flare VEil Dragon (Draw Trigger) x4
    • Dragon Deity King of Resurgence Dragveda (Over Trigger) x1
    • Blaze War Monk Sougyou (Critical Trigger) x3
    • Blaze Maiden Reony (Heal Trigger) x4

Youthberk (The Cross-Scarred Knight Raises The Flag of Rebellion)

This new Keter Sanctuary archetype utilizes the RevolDress Ability to attack! Use two variations of RevolForm and lead the way to victory with consecutive attacks from your vanguard!

  • Ride Deck
    • Youthberk Protofall Arms
    • Knight of Ardent Light, Youth
    • Determined To Break Away, Youth
    • Youth Following in Footsteps, Youth
  • Main Deck
    • Youthberk, Skyfall Arms (Grade 3) x4
    • Youthberk Revolform Gust (Grade 3) x4
    • Youthberk Revolform Zest (Grade 3) x4
    • Knight of Tempestuousness, Vriede (Grade 2) x2
    • Knight of Fracture, Schneizal (Grade 2) x4
    • Knight of Piercing, Cadwalla (Grade 2) x4
    • Painkiller Angel (Grade 1) x4
    • Menacing Tiger (Grade 1) x2
    • Palladium Zeal Dragon (Grade 1) x4
    • Blade Feather Dragon (Critical Trigger) x4
    • Protection Magic Prorobi (Draw trigger) x3
    • Light Dragon Deity of Honors, Amartinoa (Over Trigger) x1
    • Volition Rigor Dragon (Critical Trigger) x4
    • Recuperate Angel (Heal Trigger) x4

Bandmaster of Blossoming Bonds, Lianorn (World Tree Marching, Band)

With a new marching band on sight, Lianorn and her comrades will boost up a player’s skill 3 times. Boost your vanguard with three pals in the back row and deal huge damage with all that boosted Power and Triple Drive!

  • Ride Deck
    • Bandmaster of Blossoming Bonds, Lianorn
    • Brilliant Tune Rektina
    • Budding of Pleasant Sounds, Gracia
    • Announcing Wind of Spring, Corphie
  • Main Deck
    • Grand March of Full Bloom, Lianorn (Grade 3) x4
    • Clapping Dragon (Grade 3) x4
    • Blooming Petal Caryophyllus (Grade 2) x1
    • Creed Assault (Grade 2) x4
    • Atrocious Moth Girl Maple (Grade 2) x1
    • Stopping Calyx Salvia (Grade 1) x4
    • Performing Pedal Diantha (Grade 1) x4
    • Custodial Dragon (Grade 1) x4
    • Lively Rhythm Biara (Grade 1) x4
    • Frenzied Heiress (Front Trigger) x3
    • Aspiring Maiden Alana (Critical Trigger) x4
    • Source Dragon Deity of Blessings Blessfavor (OverTrigger) x1
    • Melodia Pomera (Critical Trigger) x4
    • Flower Tone (Critical Trigger) x4

Galactic Hero, Unite Dianos (Go Forth, Galatic Hero!)

Call forth allies with heroic attributes from the Bandt Gate Nation and utilize the scouted heroes for heavy attacks and defenses. Aim for three bases in one’s order zone and get a huge boost in power and critical.

  • Ride Deck
    • Galatic Hero Unite Dianos
    • Galactic Hero Wired Klosten
    • Galactic Hero Architect Paseel
    • Galactic Hero Purely Agne
  • Main Deck
    • Galatic Hero Unite Dianos (Grade 3) x 3
    • Galactic Hero Wired Klosten (Grade 2) x 3
    • Galatic Hero Rampart Aspida (Grade 2) x4
    • Galatic Hero Flatten Suffrey (Grade 2) x4
    • Aiding Monster Tectien (Grade 2) x4
    • Galactic Hero Direct Foriel (Grade 1) x 4
    • Planet Wall Dragon (Grade 1) x 4
    • Hero Base “A.E.G.I.S” (Base Order) x 4
    • Patrol Robo Dekacrop (Critical Trigger) x 4
    • Ameliorate Connector (Draw Trigger) x 4
    • Star Dragon Deity of Infinitude Eldobreath (OverTrigger) x 1
    • Star Aggression Dragon (Critical Trigger) x 3
    • Alter Rate Sphere Dragon (Heal Trigger) x 4

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