Carlo Miguel’s Top 5 Games of 2016

2016 is an interesting year. It is considered by many as the worst year in recent memory thanks to the number of beloved celebrity deaths that have occurred this year. While we will miss the likes of Alan Rickman and Carrie Fisher, 2016 would still be considered wonderful year especially for gamers. In this year alone we saw the release of PSVR, The dawn of 4K gaming as well as titles we thought would never see he light of day were released this year. There were no shortage of amazing games as well and here, in no particular order, is my 5 favorite games of 2016.


Overwatch Screenshot 1

If I had to pick a game by the amount of time I spent playing it, then Overwatch will be the number one pick. The game’s unique characters and interesting gameplay had me going back to the game day after day after day. Whenever I feel like I am done with the game, it pulls me back in with new characters, new modes and limited time events.

Darkest Dungeon


Darkest Dungeon is so amazing that I honestly bought it twice. I first got the game in early access on PC last year but when it released on Vita in the summer, I just had to pick it up. While the controls on the Vita version is lacking, the core game itself is engaging enough that you will soon forget about how frustrating it is. You know what, the game’s difficulty will make you forget about the controls since you will be panicking along side your characters.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


Uncharted 4. What else is there to say? The game was spectacular in alot of ways. The graphics were something to behold, audio was exquisite and the acting was sublime. Every moment was filled with fun and the way it ended was perfect. This is a game you will remember fondly for years to come.



I initially stayed away from this mobile TCG as card games were never really my strong suit. But when I caved in and downloaded the game on my phone, I was hooked. While very similar to hearthstone, it differentiates itself by giving us the ability to evolve almost every card in the game. Choosing when and what card to evolve adds another layer to an already complex game.

Pokemon Go


This had to be included. While the fun of Pokemon Go for most people is over, we have to acknowledge the fact that this game was the center of our attention for many months. Everyone and their mothers got into the Pokemon Go hype and helped us create new friendships that are still strong today. Pokemon Go while simple, managed to get everyone, including myself, to go out and meet people and it was just amazing.