Chorus – All Main Characters and Enemies List

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Chorus‘ primary objectives further its narrative by examining the relationship between Nara and Forsaken, transporting the player to new regions of the galaxy, through interactions with different characters and bosses, that put your maneuvering skills to the test.

The Great Prophet’s chosen one, Nara, leads a band of skilled pilots to defeat the final uprising against the Circle and unite humanity across the galaxy. With her magical powers, she succumbs to the raging evil within her and causes a whole world to be torn apart.

Because of her faith being shaken by the sight of billions of people dying, Nara runs away from her prophet and the soldiers she led here.

After being stripped of her throne and ceremonies, Nara now lives a quiet life as a scavenger for Sav and his mysterious wife, Ree, who are friends with her. Nara, on the other hand, is confronted by her own dark secrets. After her foolish boss fails to bargain with the Circle, the Circle strikes her new home.

It is Nara’s decision to use the same strategies she had taught her previous cult mates. She sets out to fetch her most lethal weapon and faithful friend, the sentient starfighter “Forsaken,” in order to face their overwhelming forces.

Here are all the characters revolving around the plot for Chorus.

Chorus Main Characters

Nara (Naran) - Chorus

Nara (Naran) – the Protagonist

Nara was once a Circle Elder, a skilled warrior and a natural leader. She fled the Circle after witnessing a planet’s death at her hands and suppressing her supernatural powers.

The Prophet is the target of Nara’s anger. However, she must free herself from the shackles of her past and take a stand on her own.

Great Prophet - Chorus

Great Prophet – the Main Antagonist

The Great Prophet, also known as the “Circle of the Faceless” leader is an enigmatic religious figure.

Corrupted by the Faceless, he became a pawn to carry out their plan to replace our reality with the one they had envisioned for themselves.

Forsa (Forsaken) - Chorus

Forsa (Forsaken) – your starship

Besides being the most advanced ship, Forsa is also the AI Ghost of a “lost” fragment of the Prophet’s personality.

He must acknowledge that his fierce devotion to Nara outweighs his desire to annihilate his former self, the Prophet.

Awaan - Chorus


Awaan is Nara’s Former piloting Instructor and served as the commander of her elite squad under her direction.

It is Awaan’s realization that Nara does not need his protection, but that she is becoming the one person who can restore his faith and cleanse the Circle of its corruption.

Sav - Chorus


In addition to being Ree’s (Reeva’s) husband, Sav serves as the face of the Enclave station.

To make up for his betrayal to the Circle, Sav plans to protect the settlers at the Enclave.


Since Sav, Enclave Militia’s former commander, passed away, she assumed command of the Enclave Militia, where she served as chief of security.

As a former “Prophet’s Ear” (aka a spy or inquisition), she knows that many Circle members are frightened of the prophet.


Kardoh is the Resistance’s military commander. He relentlessly pursues every member of the Circle in order to avenge the death of his family.


Mejem is a side character who, in order to care for her tablet, Mejem went into seclusion and became irrationally obsessed.

She attempted to subdue the AI-Ghost of her Forsaken-like ship, but she failed. The result was a mentally unstable mashup of their contrasting personalities.


Syrys is one of Silva Haven’s most ruthless elders.

All non-believers and false prophets will be exterminated from the galaxy by Syrys, according to his belief.


Rasar is a Circle Elder who has gone rogue and is looking for the same tablets as Nara.

The ambitious former disciple of Nara sees the Prophet as a stumbling block that prevents him from gaining more power.

Chorus All Enemies List

chorus enemies - pirate crow


Crows are lightly equipped and rely solely on their speed to defend themselves. If left unchecked, they pose a serious threat.

chorus enemies - elite raven


Ravens are agile, fast, and have a shield that regenerates. 


Hostiles will be launched by Shade-class ships on a regular basis. To minimize the need for reinforcements, quickly destroying them is essential.

There is no doubt that the firepower Nara and Forsaken have is insufficient to take out the large and powerful Shades, but they do have a weakness that can be exploited.

Disruptor (Psychic Totems)

It is common for an enemy ship to deploy disruptors near civilian settlements and planetary stations. Whenever they land, they spread corruption, slowly manipulating the human mind and attuning it to the Circle’s will Sometimes they appear in groups, allowing corruption to spread even faster and more effectively.


In addition to being heavily armed, Vulture Gunships have a powerful charge attack and can deploy sturdy frontal shields for defense. However, their sturdiness comes at the price of mobility.

chorus enemies - emergent


They appear out of nowhere and are unmatched in terms of speed and agility by any other type of spaceship. Disabling their shields before they can connect to a Conduit and become even more dangerous is the best plan of attack here.

chorus enemies - conduit


When the player gets too close, these Faceless support entities resort to dropping mines and boosting away. In order to improve the defenses of other Faceless beings, destroying a Conduit should always be the first order of business.


There are numerous reasons why Swarm is a dangerous foe: To begin with, individual entities can break away from the collective, fly toward the player ship like a homing projectile, and then attach themselves to it, reducing its maneuverability.

Their secondary ability is to regenerate destroyed or separated characters over time. Additionally, they fire lasers.


Instead of flying around, Sentinels teleport to different locations, making it impossible to either target or escape them. In addition to their powerful beam attack, the Emergents can summon additional Emergents from the Void by opening portals. Rotating weak points, which are becoming increasingly difficult to hit, is the most effective strategy to use.

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