Circadian City Coming to Steam Early Access Next Month

Circadian City

Game developer Nowhere Studios and publisher Way Down Deep recently announced their life simulation sandbox video game Circadian City.

The upcoming game will be entering the Steam Early Access for Windows PC this coming July 24. There is also a Switch version coming together with PC v1.0 in Q3 2021.

Players will start by having a new life in the big city, making new friends over hobbies such as art, cooking, and sports. They can maintain friendships and hetero or LGBTQ+ romances by spending time with loved ones over hobbies. These relationships have a direct effect on the dreamscape.

When those friendships go to another level, they can unlock items for use in the dream world. Players are advised not to wander away from the farm near the entrance because there is danger there. If they encounter such dangers in the wilderness of the dreamscape, these can lead to poor sleep and a bad day in the game’s real world. There should be a balance between success in day and nighttime activities to live their best life.

Founder and Designer of Nowhere Studios Burak Tezateser stated:

Daytime and nighttime activities feed into each other in Circadian City. What happens during the day shapes what’s available in the dream world, and success in the dream world sets the player up for a better tomorrow. In Early Access, we’ll be adding tons of content to breathe even more life into the city and dream world so players can really feel every change that springs from their actions.

Circadian City Steam Early Access starts on July 24 for 20% off the regular price of $11.99 USD, and will support English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Chinese (Simplified). 

Check out the trailer here:

Source: Press Release