Civilization VI August Game Update Includes Natural Wonder Picker

Civilization VI

Game developer Firaxis and publisher 2K recently announced that a new game update will be launched this month for popular video game Civilization VI.

The upcoming game update will go live on Thursday, Aug. 27 for all available platforms. Aside from the regular balance and update changes, there will be new features added to the game. This particular month will add the Natural Wonder Picker, and the Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode. The changes were also based from the player feedback.

Check out the details on the two new features:

The Natural Wonder Picker enables players to manually select which of Civilization VI’s natural wonders will randomly generate on the map.* This is a great feature for players to discover some wonders that they may not have seen before or exclude some that they dislike, giving players even greater control over how they want to play the game.

The Tech and Civic Shuffle Mode adds a new wrinkle to how players can progress their civilizations forward. In this mode, positions and identities of each Tech and Civic are hidden while prerequisites and costs are randomized. The benefits of completing Techs and Civics are the same – for example, researching Mining will always unlock mining improvements – and the randomized tree is the same for all players. This results in a fair and level playing field for everyone and introduces an element of discovery and randomization, rewarding those who can react and adjust quickly.

Changes that will come with the August game update include improvements to forest and jungle fires, which will burn longer before changing to burnt-out state. Tweaks to Government Plaza effects are also coming. More details will be revealed on the full patch notes that will come with the upcoming update.

Source: Press Release

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