Cuisine Royale Now Available For Free For A Limited Time

Cuisine Royale survivor

Game developer Gaijin Entertainment recently announced that Cuisine Royale is now available for download for free, but for a limited time only.

Cuisine Royale started as an April Fool’s joke

Just like Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, this video game was an April Fool’s joke done by Gaijin Entertainment, but now it has become real. Interested players can get this for free for a limited time only. And just like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it has numerous players dropped on an island and battles it out for survival, but wearing different kinds of kitchen wares like ladles, woks, and more.

Players can wear glasses for increased accuracy or chew on a cigar for more toughness. The game is now free on Steam until July 2. If they can install it before then, they can keep it for free.

Check out the trailer below:

Source: Official Website