PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 10 Introduces New Map Haven

Game company Krafton Inc. has announced that Season 10 of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming soon and will introduce a new map.

The new map is called Haven, which is set in a unique environment that evolves players’ gameplay experiences. Season 10 will release for PC on December 16 while consoles will get it on December 17.

Haven is the densest Battleground to date. For the first time in PUBG’s history, this 1x1 map will feature 32-players that will enter into an urban environment full of verticality and combat possibilities. It has a dusk-time setting and features several distinct areas to explore. These are Carbon Steelworks, Coal Yards, Industrial Zone, Residential Zone, The Overpass, and The Docks. There is also the new enemy faction known as The Pillar that roam the map.

Here are the new mechanics in Season 10:

  • Pillar Soldiers: A new enemy AI combatant known as “The Pillar” joins the Battlegrounds. These private military contractors are known to protect valuable and high-tier loot caches throughout the map. Those brave (or foolish) enough to try and take down the Pillar Guards and the more dangerous Pillar Commanders will be handsomely rewarded for their efforts with powerful gear.
  • Pillar Tactical Truck: In an effort to lockdown the streets of Haven, the Pillar have brought in their own tactical truck to enforce their rule. The Pillar Tactical Truck is a new AI vehicle that roams the map hunting survivors and attacking them with its high-powered guns. Given that these trucks are highly armoured, it is recommended that Survivors run or think twice before engaging in a firefight when one is near.
  • Pillar Scout Helicopter: Survivors can run, but they can’t hide. Similar to the Pillar Tactical Truck, the Pillar Scout is a new AI helicopter that roams the map looking to locate and identify survivors with its spotlight. Those unlucky enough to be caught by the light won’t want to stick around long enough for the Scout to radio the Tactical Truck for back-up.
  • Emergency Parachute: With verticality in mind, Haven has added a variety of elevated environments, such a highway and tall buildings. With danger located at every corner, it’s more important than ever to plan your escape. With the emergency parachute item, survivors can strategically leap off the high ground and manually deploy the parachute to glide their way to freedom.
  • Survivor Pass: Breakthrough: Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has all the gear you need to take on the mean streets of Haven. Featuring cool new looks based on lore characters and the new enemy faction, you’ll have plenty of great rewards to unlock as you fight your way through all 100 levels of the pass. Breakthrough lasts three months, so get started early and claim your new rewards!

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Season 10 can now be downloaded on PC on the PC Test Server.

Source: Press Release

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