Cult Of The Lamb: How To Get Eye Of Witness (Location & Rewards)

Finding the Eye of Witness Guide is here.

cult of the lamb eye of witness

The Cult Of The Lamb Eye of Witness quest is one of the most difficult tasks to do in the game where players will need to find and collect the Eye of Witness by heading back to any Crusade they have recently conquered. This task will be very tedious to do but the rewards in completing this quest will be worth the wait.

Read further for our complete guide on how to find the Eye of Witness in Cult of the Lamb.

How To Start The Eye Of Witness Quest

To begin this arduous task, players will need to do the following:

  1. Finding the Smuggler’s Sanctuary (This area can only be accessible after meeting an NPC in the 3rd zone, Anchordeep, during the 3rd crusade)
  2. Find Plimbo in the sanctuary and once you do, the quest will automatically begin
  3. Once you begin, Plimbo will ask you to collect the Eye of Witness.

Cult Of The Lamb: Eye Of Witness Location and How to Collect

Heading back to any Crusade they have recently conquered is how to find and collect the Eye of Witness. But note, if players will return to these Crusades, they will need to keep a note of the following tasks ahead:

  • If a Crusade’s final boss is defeated already in the Crusade that players completed, Haro will appear and warn players that the remaining enemies in the dungeon are all powerful and that proceeding with caution is a must.
  • As players explore the end of the dungeon, they will find new mini-bosses known as one of the Four Witnesses.
  • Defeating them will result in a chest that contains The Eye Of Witness.
  • There is at least 4 Eye Of Witness, one in Darkwood, one in Anura, one in Anchordeep and one in Silk Cradle.

Get yourself to a previously finished Crusade. There will be boss fights, but these won’t be like any others. Now that the boss has been defeated, NPCs will appear in those areas.

An NPC named Haro will appear the next time players enter a Crusade in a region missing its Old God, warning them that the region’s enemies have strengthened. Navigate the dungeon as usual, fighting off the super-powered monsters you encounter. Players can then proceed through the Crusade until they encounter the area boss, one of the four Witnesses who now serve as a Mini-Boss and patrol the area.

After defeating the area boss, a chest will appear, and upon opening it, you will obtain the Cult of the Lamb Eye of Witness. Collecting the Eye of Witness requires no further steps. To obtain the final three, simply repeat the procedure in a different Crusade in each of the areas mentioned above.

The Eye of Witness Rewards

Completing The Eye of Witness quest will have tons of benefits and rewards as they will be proved to help in overcoming the next set of bosses after the 1st 4 Crusades.

  • Once players collect at least 1 of the 4 Eye of Witness, they can go to Plimbo and receive a Holy Talisman piece.
  • Once you collected all four pieces of the Holy Talisman, players can craft it to complete Holy Talisman and exchange it for a Fleece from the Crown in the Church.
  • The Fleece is an important item that will be beneficial in completing dungeons and unlocking new scenarios and scenes that players will enjoy.

Check out this video walkthrough of ZackScottGames  to see how to get the Eye of Witness in Cult of The Lamb:

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