Cult of The Lamb Refractions Quest: Where To Find Crystals

Best Way To Get Crystals in Cult of The Lamb

Crystals are one of the things needed to complete a certain quest called Refractions. This quest can be unlocked after clearing the quest known as Light in the Darkness where players are required to fuel the lighthouse with wood.

To complete the Refractions quest, players must collect 25 crystals and give them to the cultists in the lighthouse. To collect these crystals, players must first unlock Anchordeep for it is the best area to find crystals in Cult of The Lamb.

Where to Find Crystals in Cult of The Lamb

Unlocking Anchordeep is very easy to do as it requires players to have at least 9 followers and travel to the far left side of the world selection screen at bishop Kallimar’s area and a door will appear leading to Anchordeep.

Anchordeep - Where to Find Crystals in Cult of The Lamb

Once players enter Anchordeep and begin the crusade, finding the crystals will be easy as pie as all they need to do is to clear a room and loot around the area. The best way to get large amounts of crystals is by looking for large crystal pile areas. It is recommended that looking at chests as well be beneficial as large amounts of crystals can be obtained as well plus if you don’t have enough crystals, returning back and forth to Anchordeep will increase the chances of farming them.

Refractions Quest Rewards

After collecting 25 crystals, return to the Lighthouse and give our followers the required amount of crystals. Once you give them the crystals, not only will players complete the quest but they will gain a new follower afterward.

Refractions Quest Rewards

Check out this video guide by Gamers Heroes to see where to find crystal shards in Cult of The Lamb.

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