Cult of The Lamb: What Are Rituals?

All The Rituals Found In Cult Of The Lamb

Cult of The Lamb Rituals

When you are in a cult, people will do some of the craziest things such as doing a series of unexpected rituals, and trust me I usually do this during my gacha games. In Cult of The Lamb, Rituals play an important role for they bring sometimes both good & bad benefits for your fellow cultists.

Unlocking Rituals are easy as they are discovered through Crusades, main story quests, and many more. But most of the time, rituals can be unlocked through new Doctrines as players progress more into the story.

List of Rituals in Cult of The Lamb

Ritual Type


Cost Requirement


How To Unlock


Marry One Of Your Followers & Gain +30 Faith

75 Bones

+30 Faith

Doctrine II – Law & Order


Throw A Feast for Your Followers to Completely Fill Up the Cult’s Hunger & Gain +30 Faith

75 Bones

+30 Faith

Doctrine – Sustenance I


Light Up The Fires & Let Us Dance Deep Into The Night!

25 Bones & 25 Lumber

+30 Faith

Complete Declare Doctrine quest

The sacrifice of The Flesh

Sacrifice a Follower to grow your strength and unlock new abilities and weapons

75 bones & 1 Follower

-10 Faith

Complete second Crusade runs through Darkwood

Fight Pit

Command 2 Followers to fight to the death – unless, of course, you decide to show mercy

75 bones & 2 Followers

+30 Faith & Chance to Lose a Follower

Doctrine II – Law & Order


Followers will become brainwashed. Faith will be locked at full for 2 Days.

25 Menticide Mushrooms

+100 Faith for 2 days

Complete Sozo’s quest.

Glory Through Toil

Followers to work 3 days and nights without getting tired

75 Bones

-15 Faith & Followers don’t sleep for 3 days

Doctrine – Work & Worship IV

Holy Day

Your Followers Will Not Work For A Day & Gain +80 Faith

75 Bones

+80 Faith

Doctrine – Work & Worship IV

Glory of Construction

Instantly build all structures currently under construction

75 Bones

All buildings under construction are built completely

Doctrine – Work & Worship III


Temporarily increase Devotion Generation Speed at your shine by 20% for 3 days

75 Bones

-10 Faith & Increase Devotion Generation by 20% for 3 Days

Doctrine – Work & Worship III

Alms For The Poor

Distribute Gold To Your Followers To Increase Their Loyalty & Gain +10 Faith

50 Coins

+10 Faith & Increase Loyalty of Followers

Doctrine – Possessions III


All Followers will Give Gold To You

125 Bones

-20 Faith & Gold From Followers

Doctrine – Possessions III


All Followers Will Not Eat For 3 Days

75 Bones

All Followers Won’t Eat for 3 Days

Doctrine – Sustenance I


All Sown Farm Plots will immediately be ready for harvest

75 Bones

All Seeds Ready For Harvest

Doctrine – Sustenance III

Ocean’s Bounty

Catch Double Fish For 2 Days & Special Fish Will Be More Common

75 Bones

+10 Faith, Double The Fish Caught & Increase Chances for Catching Rare Fish For 2 Days

Doctrine – Sustenance III

Loyalty Enforcer

A Ritual To Appoint a Follower as your Loyalty Enforcer, tasked with patrolling the Cult and raising the Loyalty of your Followers.

75 Bones

-15 Faith

Doctrine – Law & Order IV

Tax Enforcer

A Ritual To Appoint a Follower as your Tax Enforcer. They Will Gather Gold From Other Cult members

75 Bones

-15 Faith

Doctrine – Law & Order IV

Ascend Follower

Perform A Ritual At Your Temple In Which You Can Ascend a Followers Spirit to a Higher Plane of Existence. All Followers Will Gain Loyalty

75 Bones & 1 Follower

+15 Faith & Followers Will Gain Loyalty

Doctrine – Law & Order I


Bring a Dead Follower To Life

150 Bones

Resurrect a Dead Follower

Doctrine – Afterlife II


Conduct a Funeral for a recently passed Follower & gain +20 Faith

5 Camelia & 75 Bones

+20 Faith

Doctrine – Afterlife II

With all these rituals and such, fans can expect some form of entertainment from doing them in Cult Of The Lamb. Please Watch this video below from Nig Sparrow on the different rituals in the game:

Cult of the Lamb is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 & PC via Steam. For More guides, please visit the Sirus Gaming website to explore the Cult of The Lamb world.