Daneil Vavra Explains Why There’s a Delay For The Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch

So Kingdom Come Deliverance has stirred up quite the ruckus ever since it’s release. It’s mostly gotten positive reviews and praises around the net, but little can deny that the game has its issues that steadily need to be fixed.

Warhorse Studios seems to be aware of most of the flaws in the game and is working to fix them. Unfortunately, those fixes aren’t going to come around as fast as you may want them to.

For everyone out there, the patch 1.3 for Kingdom Come Deliverance has receive a delay. When criticized about this, Daniel Vavra responded to it by saying that it’s difficult to fix issues on 3 platforms. Patch 1.3 was supposed to come out last week but was instead pushed for this week.

Although little can deny that Warhorse Studios really does care about fixing the problems of the game, it can be up to the patience of the players on how long they can wait until most of the issues they are currently fixing are done.

Thankfully, there is some communication between Warhorse and its players. Hopefully they can do something to help ease the game’s overall display and sway the opinions of others who are less than content with the product that was delivered to them.

While there are indeed glitchy and buggy games that have been released in the past few years, it seems that Kingdom Come Deliverance has one too many issues to overlook. The game is enjoyable but it seems to have been release a little bit too early.

It can be hoped that despite that game’s overall messy release, it won’t sway people from playing it or turn them away from the game. Right now, there’s no further updates on what Warhorse wants to do next for Kingdom Come Deliverance. But we heard th

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