Dave the Diver Chapters List: How Many Chapters?

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Exploring the deep waters of Dave the Diver is divided into different sections that will eventually have players asking for the chapters list. As you dive into the waters by day to look for interesting things, you run a sushi restaurant by night, where you have to manage your staff in each chapter. This fun gameplay loop is addicting to go through in Dave the Diver.

Use this guide to learn how many chapters there are in Dave the Diver and how long it’ll take to complete the game.

How many Chapters are in Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver has 7 chapters in total, which also include the prologue. Each chapter has its own side missions, optional explorable areas, and other collectibles to take. Here are all the chapters you play through in Dave the Diver:

Dave the Diver Chapters List

  • Prologue: A Sushi Bar by the Blue Hole
  • Chapter 1: Traces of the Sea People
  • Chapter 2: Into the Deep
  • Chapter 3: A Request from the Sea People
  • Chapter 4: To the Abandoned Cave
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7

After coming out of Early Access, Dave the Diver has fully released its chapter list for players to complete and go through. During Early Access, the game only had 3 available chapters, but now all 7 chapters have been added after the game’s full release. Seven chapters may not sound like a lot, but the amount of content that can be found in each chapter is actually quite large.

How Long to Beat Dave the Diver?

Dave the Diver can be beaten in around 15 hours when only focusing on the main story of the game. Those who are looking to 100% Dave the Diver and get all the achievements are looking at 20 hours of playtime.

You can replay the game again from the beginning if you want to re-experience it, which adds more playtime. However, you’ll take somewhere around the 15-hour mark for your first playthrough as you dive into the deep waters by day and run a sushi restaurant by night. This main gameplay loop is what you’ll be doing in the multiple chapters of Dave the Diver, and it’s a very fun gameplay loop that will keep you for long hours and get you hooked.