Dave the Diver Staff Light Bulb: What It Means

So you've noticed that your staff has a lightbulb. What does that mean?

Dave the Diver staff lightbulb featured image

Dave the Diver has you managing a sushi restaurant by night, so you may notice a light bulb above your staff. You may start thinking that they have a good idea, but it actually means something else. Read on as we show you what the staff light bulb means in Dave the Diver.

Staff Members with Lightbulbs over their heads Explained

When you see a staff with a lightbulb above their heads, it means that you’ll get something the next time you level them up in Dave the Diver. You’ll either get a new skill or a new recipe after training them enough.

At Levels 3 and 7, your staff members will unlock their special skills, which you’ll be notified of with the light bulb on top of their heads. At Level 5, they’ll give you a unique recipe that can be learned by using the artisan’s flame. It will cost money to level up your staff, with each level costing more than the previous. You’ll need a total of $664,743 to level up a staff member from 0 to 20.

Leveling up your staff is a good way to get new recipes and create the perfect work environment for whenever you’re not diving into the waters. You’ll have to pick what each specific member of your staff does according to their skills and stats. If you don’t like what a specific staff member has, even after they have the lightbulb above their heads, you can dismiss them and hire a new one.

When it comes to getting staff with desirable skills, expensive ads are better. You’ll get staff that are ranked based on Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and then Diamond. Bronze staff have the lowest level and usually have the most basic traits. Diamond is when you get staff members that have the best traits possible.