Dave the Diver Walkthrough: Epilogue – Friends

A guide that goes through the events of Epilogue: Friends of Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver Epilogue Friends cover

Friends is the epilogue of Dave the Diver. After saving the Divine Tree from its declining health, Dave and the rest of his friends celebrate the success of being able to save the Great Blue Hole and the Sea People that live in it. Read ahead as we go through the events of Friends in Dave the Diver and share some helpful tips for a great playthrough.

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sushi bar with friends - Dave the Diver Epilogue Friends Walkthrough

After managing to defeat Yawie, Dave heads back to the boat and finds out that it is already nighttime. He then heads to the sushi bar to find that his friends are waiting for him for their celebration.

Talk to everyone in the bar - Dave the Diver Epilogue Friends Walkthrough

Talk to everyone in the bar to hear what they have to say. Then, go to the cocktail dispenser to start the party and enjoy the next scenes. In one of the last scenes, Dave is seen going to bed. A rocket ship is then seen blasting off from the resort that he is staying which then transitions to Dave’s dream in space.

end credits minigame - Dave the Diver Epilogue Friends Walkthrough

The game’s end credits also serves as a minigame where you control Dave through space while shooting aliens. You can also shoot the names of the people behind the creation of the game. Once the credits are over, Dave is then sucked into a wormhole and the game ends.

Shortly after, Cobra is seen talking to someone over the phone and is clearly bothered about something as he looks out into the hole, suggesting that Dave’s adventure may not be over yet.

Dave the Diver Epilogue Friends

Congratulations! You have completed Dave the Diver. The game will still continue on to the following day and you get to do whatever you want, may it be unlocking all the recipes in the sushi bar or catching all known fishes in the game. You will also unlock the Sweet Dream minigame from the end credits. Make sure to head back to the control room where you last fought Yawie to get Yawie’s Inner Flesh.