Dave’s 5 Favorite Pixel Graphics Games of 2016

Games with pixel graphics have withstood the test of time, even being considered as a hugely accepted form of graphics design on its own. Being a huge fan of the art style and having a rig that can’t really handle graphically demanding games, here’s my top 5 games I’ve played in 2016:


The Final Station

The Final Station’s narrative was a very mysterious one. For one, the game started off as what seems to be a glimpse of an inevitable end and then it turns out it ends out differently. It did leave a lot of questions behind, like what was the real cause of it all? And is there actually a hidden story path that someone has yet to discover? I don’t know exactly but this game’s story, aside from its action, really got my hooked until the end.



Ok, I’m gonna cheat a little bit here. Roguelands actually came out last year but i just got to play the game this year. I’m a fan of roguelikes too, so Roguelands is actually hitting me good on two points. It’s better played in multiplayer for the sake of easy progression. Since this is a roguelike, stuff that you carry with you will get lost when you die – and you will die a lot in this game. So, being a solitary player that I am, it took me a while to progress but it still gave out good amounts of fun.


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley gives out that nostalgic feeling from being able to play Harvest Moon games in the early 2000’s. The visuals are very pleasing and the gameplay is relaxing. The fact that it gets updates from time to time means that there’s a lot more in store to keep the game relevant. I’m looking forward to that official release of the multiplayer function and maybe start anew when it goes out.


Enter the Gungeon

Fast paced and very challenging, Enter the Gungeon takes a spot on my list. When it comes to content, replay value, and the references to other pop culture media, it’s pretty much jam packed. I haven’t finished the game yet due to it being very hard – I can’t even get past the fourth level, but it’s a game that has the right amount of challenge plus it gives out the right amount of frustration to keep you playing more.



Designed by its lead animator Glauber Kotaki who also did the art for Rogue Legacy, Duelyst is a marvel when it comes to pixel graphics. Aside from its comprehensive gameplay, its overall design with the juxtaposition of having 2-D pixel art embedded in a richly crafted playing field, plus the addition of shadows and field rotation giving the perception of depth, gives out a very unique and visually stunning experience. Duelyst is a must have for every pixel art enthusiast.

And that’s it. I’m looking forward to the new year and a new batch of amazing pixel graphics games.