Dead Island 2 Multiplayer Coop: How to play with friends

Do you want to play with friends?

This guide will explain if Dead Island 2 will have multiplayer coop. The satirical zombie-killing nature of the game is one that is best enjoyed with friends. As you roam around the undead-filled streets of California, you may find it best to stick with other players.

Read on, and we’ll explain if Dead Island 2 will have multiplayer coop and how to play with friends.

Will Dead Island 2 have multiplayer coop?

Dead Island 2 will feature multiplayer coop. You can team up with two other players in a group of three to explore, fight zombies, and take on quests.

Originally, it was planned that Dead Island 2 would have up to eight players at once. However, plans changed during its tough development. It’s a smaller scale for multiplayer coop, but it still gives you the option to play with friends.

The only downside is the lack of crossplay feature for Dead Island 2. Players cannot connect to multiplayer coop with others who are on different platforms. Additionally, you can only play with players on the same console generation.

Will Dead Island 2 have multiplayer coop?

PS4 and Xbox One players will not be able to host multiplayer coop games after Dead Island 2 releases. The developers are planning on adding it in a future update. Though there’s no exact date as to when.

Players will be able to progress the story together by playing. There are six different playable characters, each with their own unique style of gameplay, personality, and dialogue. You’re able to choose one from the beginning of the game and then play with other players who have chosen someone else.

It’s sad that the Dead Island 2 coop sounds very restrictive, especially in this day and age of gaming. But we can still have fun playing with friends and smashing zombie skulls.

How to Play Coop Multiplayer in Dead Island 2?

How to Play Coop Multiplayer in Dead Island 2?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to play coop in the Dead Island 2:

  • In the Main Menu, select Continue and then pick what type of Lobby you want to create.
  • Pick either Public, Invite Only, or Friends Only which decides who can join your game.
  • Once you’ve loaded into the game, open the pause menu and go to Social.
  • Select who you want to invite to your game.

Picking the Single Player option from the main menu means that you’re playing alone and won’t be able to invite anyone. So pick the other options. Public means that anyone can join, even without an invitation. Invite Only means that only those who you invite can join your session. Friends Only means that only those who are registered as friends of your account can join the game, even without an invite.

This explains the Dead Island 2 coop multiplayer. We hope this article was informative. You can check out our Dead Island 2 – Review for our thoughts on the game.

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