Dead Space Remake Accessibility Options Detailed

New options to choose from for the newer generation of gamers.

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Game developer Motive has recently released the full details of the Dead Space Remake accessibility options that players can choose from.

Dead Space Remake Offers New Options for New Generation

According to a new post on the official website of EA, the Dead Space Remake accessibility options were detailed from Menu Options to Subtitles. According to Lead Senior Experience Designer Christian Cimon, it just made sense to offer new options to this revived classic game for the newer generation audience.

“Dead Space is a classic that changed how horror games were perceived when it was released,” he said, “so it made sense to revive that game and share it with a whole new generation. But the game came out 15 years ago, when accessibility features were less common. Things like subtitles, menu narration, control-remapping, and the like are pretty much expected now, so we wanted to make sure the remake aligns with today’s highest standards.”

Customization Options Offered

Check out the various customization options players could choose from in the game:

  • Menu Options: Menus can be narrated, with adjustable narration volume.
  • Colorblind Mode: Preset color adjustments support Protanopia (Red Weak), Deuteranopia (Green Weak), and Tritanopia (Blue Weak), and color contrast levels can be adjusted.
  • Control Customization: The game allows players to complete quick time events with a single button-press; switch the Sprint, Aim, and map zoom controls to toggle mode; and change the command to close audio and video logs to a tap rather than having to hold down the button. In addition, every input can be remapped to a different button.
  • Aim Assistance: When aim assist is active, players can elect to activate “friction,” which slows down camera movement when the target laser is nearing an enemy. The player can also choose to adjust how long the camera focuses on an enemy when targeting them—including turning this “magnetism” off entirely.
  • User Interface: Players can turn off the kinesis symbol when aiming, or activate a persistent dot onscreen that can improve some users’ experience with the game camera.
  • Motion: The floating effect of the main menu can be disabled, and players can turn off  camera shake.
  • Subtitles: Not only can subtitles be enabled or disabled, but the player can also adjust font size, enable all-caps style, invert the colors of the text and the background, adjust the opacity of the background, show or hide the speaker’s name, and choose whether to show that name in a different color than the rest of the text.

Dead Space Remake Accessibility Options to Help Avoid Gore

Aside from those, Motive added more options for accessibility. EA’s Program Lead for Game Accessibility Morgan Baker said the studio had recognized that some players would not like to see certain types of content like gore and the like so they explored ways how they can control to view that type of content in the game. The solution was to add a content warning feature to give players full notice first of the potentially sensitive content in the section ahead. They can even hide that content if they wanted to.

dead space remake accessibility options
Content Warning caption

“The first option will warn you of a potentially disturbing scene ahead of time,” Christian says, “by displaying a non-intrusive popup that gives a brief description of the type of event that’s waiting around the corner, or in an audio or video log before you play it. The other option will actually hide the upcoming scene behind a screen effect. You’ll still hear any audio, but a blurring effect will hide the visuals until the scene has played out.”

Motive does stress that these content warnings are fully optional. They will not be forced upon the player and are disabled by default. Fans can enjoy the game as it is or have these Dead Space Remake accessibility options turned on for convenience.

Dead Space Remake is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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