Dead Space Remake Weapon Sounds Changed After Listening to Feedback

New and improved sounds for weapons!

dead space ps5

EA Motive has recently made changes to the sounds of the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle in the upcoming Dead Space Remake after getting feedback from the community.

Motive posted on the game’s official Twitter account that the community shared their feedback on the sounds of the Plasma Cutter and the Pulse Rifle. Some feedback suggested that the guns sounded weaker than the original version. Due to that, they made some improvements and shared new clips for everyone to listen to.

On the official subreddit of the game, more details were shared by Motive.

“When we showed you the Plasma Cutter and Pulse Rifle not everyone was sold on it, and there were a handful of criticisms that felt they could still be better,” revealed Motive. “We believe that the feedback given was definitely valid and reading the comments on what was highlighted, we made a few modifications that we think improves it.”

The developers did clarify that this was still a work in progress and more improvements will be made at a later time. They revealed that it will not be just the core sounds that everyone will hear but also the impact on surfaces and the effects on the environment.

For the Plasma Cutter, the frequency range has been rebalanced, according to Motive. It is now more focused on the kick, which now aligns to the “feel” that the community were commenting on.

The Pulse File is now a bit more chaotic in terms of rhythm compared to the previous version which was kind of tight. The game community wanted it to be as close to the original so they made it possible to satisfy them.

This is just the latest update for the Dead Space Remake and the launch is still early 2023. It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.