Dead Space Remake You Are Not Authorized Side Mission Walkthrough

All RIG locations and How to Get Master Override Clearance in Dead Space Remake

You Are Not Authorized is a side mission in Dead Space Remake where Isaac has to find RIGS belonging to the deceased members of the Ishimura and create a master override. Here’s a complete guide that will show you how to complete this mission and find each RIG.

The Dead Space Remake You Are Not Authorized Side Mission starts in Chapter 4. And you can trigger it by interacting with the Bridge Security in the Captain’s Nest. You’ll be tasked with gathering 7 RIGS that belong to officers who are scattered throughout the USG Ishimura.

How to Get Master Override in Dead Space Remake (All RIG Locations)

Here are all the objectives of this side mission:

  • Find the Hangar Overseer Voelknir’s RIG – Hangar Bay, Chapter 3
  • Find the First Officer White’s RIG – Cannon Trench, Chapter 4
  • Find the Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG – Hydroponics, Chapter 6
  • Find the Mining Supervisor Dallas’ RIG – Mineral Processor Control, Chapter 7
  • Find the Chief Engineering Rosseau’s RIG – Engineering Deck Control Room, Chapter 7
  • Find the Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG – Comms Control Room, Chapter 8
  • Find the Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG – Tram Tunnels, Chapter 9
  • Create a Master Override – Captain’s Nest

The RIGs you need to collect are found throughout different rooms that are made accessible in certain chapters. Here are all their locations in order:

Hangar Overseer Voelker’s RIG Location

Found in the Hangar Bay available in Chapter 2 near an Oxygen Refill station. Use Zero-G and float to the left side of the hangar to find this RIG.

First Officer White’s RIG Location

Found outside of the USG Ishimura past the ADS cannon available in Chapter 4. Go past the trench until you reach a little over the third cannon to pick up White’s RIG.

Lt. Commander Holt’s RIG Location

Found in the Hydroponics Deck available in Chapter 6. Holt’s RIG is under a Necromorph mass in the East Growth Chamber. Shoot the three glowing sections to get rid of the mass and get to it.

Mining Supervisor Dallas’ RIG Location

Found in the Mining Processing Control Room available in Chapter 7. Descend to the Processing level and use kinesis to destroy the four rocks blocking the room in the main processing chamber.

Chief Engineering Rosseau’s RIG Location

Found in the Engineering Deck Control Room available in Chapter 7. After getting Level 3 Clearance, go to the Engine Room, pass the fans, and go through the hallway of where you found the Flamethrower. Enter the following room and head right, you’ll now be able to open the door where Rosseau’s RIG is.

Comms Officer Bailey’s RIG Location

Found in the Comms Control Room available in Chapter 8. Take the elevator from the Bridge Atrium to arrive there then go to the first door on the left.

Tram Supervisor Benson’s RIG Location

Found in the Crew Deck by accessing the Bridge Deck available in Chapter 9. There is a new entrance next to the store that will lead to the Tram Tunnels. Benson’s RIG is right next to his severed arm.

Return to the Captain’s Nest to Create Master Override

After getting all of the officers’ RIGs, go back to the Captain’s Nest and interact with the console on the right. Grab the Master Override and you now have access to more clearance doors, crates, and lockers in Ishimura.

You have until the point-of-no-return near the end of Chapter 11 to complete the You Are Not Authorized side mission in Dead Space Remake. Completing this side mission will award you with the Full Clearance trophy.

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