Death Stranding Director’s Cut – Ruined Factory Orders Guide

Here's a guide how you can complete the Ruined Factory orders.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut’s most significant gameplay addition comes in the form of three new orders to complete: Orders 77, 78, and 79. These missions will have you infiltrating a ruined factory overrun by MULES, each order diving deeper into the factory. In this Ruined Factory guide, I have outlined how to finish them. Order 77, in particular, unlocks some excellent fabrications that will make the early to mid-game much easier. Be sure not to miss out on these missions.

Order No. 77 Guide

Recommended Gear:

Maser gun x1

Blood Bags x4

The first order on the list is Order No. 77. This request is unlocked halfway through episode 2 upon completing Request No. 8, “Recover the Chiral Crystal from the stranded area.” at the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. This request will immediately hand you the new maser gun to set you on your way.

This order is a short trip, located just northeast of the Distribution Center and a quick climb up a steep blackened hill. There should be no BT or MULE encounters along the way. You can stealthily sneak past the four MULEs patrolling this mossy area, thanks to all the high grass that you can sneak through, or you can take them all out with your new Maser gun. For this section, we went ahead and tried out our shiny new toy and just neutralized all the MULEs. Go down into the rubble-covered entrance, dispatch the single MULE stationed in front of the postbox, and recover the MULE postbox data. Take note of the locked door and journey back to the distribution center.

Completion of Order No. 77 rewards you with the maser gun fabrication and support skeleton fabrication, making world traversal and MULE encounters much easier in the early game.

Order No. 78 Guide

Recommended Gear:

Maser gun x1

Support Skeleton x1

Blood Bags x4

This request is unlocked shortly after completing Order No. 77, towards the end of episode 2 after completing order no. 14. Once again, you will find yourself hiking northeast, back up the hill, and into the ruined factory. Sneak by or dispatch the MULEs in this area at your discretion the same way you did for Order No. 77. Enter the now unlocked door next to the MULE postbox from before and venture into the ruined factory.

This area is very claustrophobic, and you’ll likely have an easier time just using your strand and doing a stealth takedown on every enemy from behind. Just take your time and use the hallways to get behind the MULEs and this area should be a piece of cake. There are a total of six MULEs to dispatch before getting to the postbox. Once you dispatch the last MULE in the open room, unlock the MULE postbox and return the data to the distribution center.

This order will reward you with BB customization. You can now change the colors of the BB’s housing!

Order No. 79 Guide

Recommended Gear:

Maser gun x1

Non-lethal Assault Rifle Lv. 2 x1

Power Skeleton x1

Blood Bags x4

While the first two new orders are unlocked early on in the game, it will be quite a while before you can complete the full set of Ruined Factory orders. Order No. 79 is unlocked only upon the completion of Death Stranding. Finish the game and come back here when you’re ready! 

Spoilers ahead

Alright, so the game is over, and it is finally time to see what is at the end of this elusive, ruined factory. Accept Request No. 79 from the terminal at the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City and make the short journey northeast and up the blackened hill once more. Proceed through the outside area the same way you did for Orders 77 and 78, sneak your way through the first interior section of the factory the same way you did in Order No. 78, and finally land at the next formerly locked door.

Here you will watch a brief cutscene paying homage to Kojima’s Metal Gear games. Coming out of the cutscene, Die-Hardman will instruct you to neutralize every enemy in the room thanks to an emergency lockdown that you have triggered. Not really, the Metal Gear-style mission that this was shaping up to be.

This task should be easy enough to accomplish if you just stay at the high ground and shoot down at the MULEs with the Non-lethal assault rifle you brought this time around. There are a total of seven MULEs in this room. Once you’re all done cleaning up the MULEs, pick up anything that you would like to keep from the postbox on the left and head through the door on the right to see what this whole ruined factory culminates in.

You will be rewarded with a couple of memos and a new song.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is now available on PS5.