Deathloop Updaam Combination Location Guide

The complete guide on Updaam combination locations.

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What are the Updaam Combination Codes in Deathloop?

Updaam Gate Combination

Just right outside is one of many Updaam tunnel entrances that has a locked gate with a note posted nearby. It says that every time the phones dial out, the gate will open. First things first, climb up to the level above the gate and just to the right from where the note can be read. You will then find two yellow phone booths with one of them hackable. Hack the nearest one and then head back down to the gate in order to get the number to open it.

Updaam Smoking Competition Combination Codes

In Updaam, there is a door that is protected by three locks and has a note saying about a smoking competition getting rigged. There is a smoking machine nearby and a note on the table that explains “The Pact of Smoke” and one of the codes that is required from one of the competitors, which is Cassandra. The first code is now secure for you to acquire. Now for the other two, which can be a bit tricky.

In order to get the other codes, you will have to use the machine to interfere with the competition. Press the smoking button so that different competitors will get to live after the competition that takes place at noon.

By pressing the button once, Vanya will be the one who gets to live. After noon, go to Karl’s Bay through the Gardens of Perception entrance. Go downstairs to the right, which is on the other side to Vanya’s Restaurant. Find her combination code on a letter in the back room. It is just on the counter by the shelves with boxes on.

By pressing the button twice, a different outcome will happen, which is Anatoly surviving. Find him after the competition with the same route as Vanya’s, but keep going past it and go around the back to reach Anatoly’s house. Find the code inside.

You can finally use all three combination codes to open the door. The reward is not much, but there is Harriet’s audio diary and some enemies.

Updaam Library Combination

The Updaam Library safe can be found in the middle of the floor at noon (for some reason). You can actually not care too much about this since this is an important mission so the game will be notifying you about this. Find the code in Aleksis’ room in his Updaam mansion, which is a room with the minicom computer terminal. It is on a note from Jullianna about his AEON interview.

Updaam RAK Door with Microphone Combination

This is the RAK door you can find in Updaam, just outside the RAK Bunker. The combination needed for this is a voice password that can be found in the Archive Office in the afternoon. It is required to be in the afternoon since the door will be left open and then you can get in easily. Go to the second floor of office and find a note that is just sticking out of a bookshelf. It has the combination that is needed to open the door.

Updaam RAK Door Three Microphone Combination

Inside the RAK Facility Updaam microphone door is another microphone password door and now it needs more than one combination: three words. You will have to read the note “Where the Powers Lies”, which is just beside it. This will start the quest that needs you to start the power generator at the Complex. After starting up the power, it will open up all the Horizon Stations in each location, which will have all three codes, which are a note inside Yasen Station in Updaam, note on a table in Sova Station at Fristad Rock, and a tape recorder in Akkar Station at Karl’s Bay.

Updaam Delivery Booth Combination

This can be found at the Updaam delivery booth on the balcony of the courtyard outside the Library. Find the combination at Fristad Rock at noon inside the bunker where you find Fia. Inside it is a broken delivery booth and nearby is a whiteboard with the four-digit code on it.

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