Demon’s Souls Gameplay Video Features Bosses, Locales and More

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently shared a new gameplay video of upcoming video game Demon’s Souls.

The newest gameplay trailer features the daunting world of Boletaria and the journey to the barren lands of Stonefang, which is one of the five distinct realms of the game. Players will be seeing the cursed miners that dig for the bones of ancient dragons, the caverns of molten lava that keep the weapon forges of Stonefang lit, and the hear the sound of hammer on anvil.

In Stonefang, a sword and shield is not enough to defeat the evils in this area. The environment is the enemy as well. Players will need to adapt to the situation, understanding when to press the attack at close-quarters and when to punish the enemy from afar. Proper equipment must be needed and knowing the limits of skill and reactions should be remembered.

Fans of the game will remember the horrors of the Armored Spider and Flamelurker in this title that lie in wait for those who attempt to traverse Stonefang. With the PlayStation 5, the developers have recreated the battles. They will remember every second of it from the blows against the shield and every furious screech.

Demon’s Souls is coming to PlayStation 5 on November 12.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Here’s the second gameplay trailer: