Demon’s Souls Remake for PS5 Reveals Two Modes for Visuals

Demon's Souls

In a recent official blog, PlayStation revealed that upcoming PlayStation 5 remake Demon’s Souls will have two graphics modes.

According to a recent official PlayStation Blog post, players will be able to choose between two graphics modes while playing the upcoming PS5 remake. They can choose a mode that will focus more on fidelity or choose the one focused on frame rate.

One mode will be focused more on visuals, which would be great for great screenshots and visual prowess. The other mode will be focused more on the gameplay speed from what I can discern. For players with faster reaction time, this might be a good graphics mode to choose.

The game will also have beautiful shadow effects and ray tracing with its upgrades made by From Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Check out the trailer here:

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