Denuvo Servers Go Down Making Several Games Unplayable

Without DRM, several games were unplayable.

Several sources online say that a lot of games have become unplayable recently due to the Denuvo Servers have gone down.

Denuvo or DRM for many has become a bane for many PC players for a while now as it gives issues to the games they play. The ones behind it claim that it can give security for those who are buying the games legitimately, but it seems it has side effects that cripple gameplay like buggy framerates, random crashes, slow loading times, and more. A lot of gamers have protested for DRM to be removed from many games and they were successful at times, but there were other times it stayed due to the publishers. In the end, the developers remove them after a few months or even years.

Lately, several games were unplayable because Denuvo servers were down. These games that were affected were Middle Earth: Shadow of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dead Rising 4, and the most recent one, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It prevented them to play the game and a lot were already complaining and debating as to why these games still need to employ DRM security.

Twitter user Alex Buckland found out that Denuvo actually has let their Domain names expire. This resulted in the servers going down and snowballed to games unplayable.

There are several game companies that are now taking steps in making sure they will not depend on DRM anymore like Square Enix. They removed the DRM for Life is Strange: True Colors, NieR: Replicant, and more.

Will other game companies follow suit? No one knows yet, but there are others who symphatize with the gaming community. We might just see a DRM free PC game collection in the future.

Speaking of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, check out our review here. Our resident reviewer stated, “Throw in a remarkably clever and well-written story, and Guardians of the Galaxy becomes what I consider to be an exceedingly enjoyable and palatable game.”